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5 Reasons to Read Draw the Line

July 18, 2017
Sarah Jane Abbott
Riveted Editorial Board

As soon as I heard about Laurent Linn’s debut novel, I knew it was a must-read.  The main character Adrian is an artistic sci-fi geek with a superhero alter ego…sounds like my kind of guy. He mostly keeps to himself and lays low at his Texas High School, but when he witnesses a brutal hate crime, Adrian has to decide whether he can keep silent or if this is his time to take a stand.  Where will he draw the line?

I could not put this book down—it’s gripping, moving, relatable, and full of incredible art that mashes up comics and the Renaissance.  Not to mention, the book has multiple gay characters in starring roles.  Are you really still reading this instead of clicking over to read Draw the Line?  Well, okay.  Then here are seven more reasons to get on it.

1. Awesome epigraphs!

I’ve always thought of epigraphs as little windows into the book before it’s even started.  A good epigraph—or a couple—will totally grab me.  Draw the Line starts with three super intriguing quotes, including from Nietzche and the one and only Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Okay, yes.  I am on board.  I am ready.  Let’s go.

2. Basically the coolest superhero ever.

I love comics, especially superheroes.  Draw the Line is a novel wrapped around a comic book.  Adrian’s superhero alter ego is the amazing, gay, Renaissance-inspired Graphite.  So basically, a hero unlike any other.  He has the power of creation—he can make anything he wants with his magic paintbrush, from a pile of delicious pancakes to his sprawling, fantastical palace on the moon.  I repeat: he lives on the dark side of the moon.

3. Also MINOR SPOILER ALERT: The Villain!

The villain’s sidekick is literally a wiener dog mixed with a rattlesnake who wears tiny cowboy boots.  It is 100% as awesome as it sounds.

4. Squeeee worthy romantic sparks.

Truly, I am so not a romance person.  I usually don’t like to read anything that could be described as heartwarming or adorable.  BUT the first date and romance in this book melted my cold, icy heart and I did indeed squee.

5. Complex characters who surprise you.

The wonderful thing about the characters in Draw the Line is that they’re so multidimensional.  From Adrian’s friends to his classmates to the bullies at school, everyone is more than meets the eye.  In the immortal words of Shrek, they’re like onions—they have lots of layers.

An extended excerpt of Draw the Line is available until July 31st, go over and read it ASAP!

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