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Riveted Summer Reads: Summer of Self-Discovery

July 17, 2017
The Riveted Team
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Happy Monday!

The Summer of Consequences might be over but Riveted Summer is NOT! It’s time for the Summer of Self-Discovery! For these next two weeks we’re exploring what we have to do to become the type of people we want to be. What decisions we make, how we react to the things that happen to us, and how we choose to look at the world. Do we take a stand or stay quiet? Do we take the easy road laid before us or the hard road that leads to happiness? Do we let the bad experiences keep us from exploring the good possibilities? With the Summer of Self-Discovery, we’re looking at different ways to define ourselves and not let others do it for us.

First, we’re featuring an extended excerpt of Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali. It follows Janna as she discovers that not everyone is as they seem. Janna has always considered herself a “misfit” among the “saints” in her local mosque, but as she begins to uncover a series of horrifying actions completed by someone who most would consider untouchably holy, Janna realizes that there may be some monsters masquerading as “saints.” Now Janna must decide whether or not there’s anything she can do to pull the wool from her community’s eyes. Is standing up for what’s right worth the risk of being labelled as something worse than a misfit? In the words of Kirkus Reviews, “Ali pens a touching exposition of a girl’s evolution from terrified victim to someone who knows she’s worthy of support and is brave enough to get it.” We have no doubt that you’ll be hooked on Saints & Misfits from the moment you start reading.

Next up, we have the extended excerpt of Fragile Like Us by Sara Barnard. Fragile Like Us explores the bonds of friendship between Caddy, Rosie, and Suzanne. Once upon a time Caddy and Rosie were best friends who were inseparable, but ever since Suzanne arrived, their friendship has been on the rocks. Caddy is ready to be more than the quiet one, and Suzanne is trying to escape her past to become someone different, but as we’ve learned, every change and action has a consequence. And they’re all about to discover that the consequence of wanting to change who you are, just might be having to leave behind the friendships that you once had.

Then we have the extended excerpt of Two Roads from Here by Teddy Steinkellner. In Two Roads from Here, Brian, Allegra, Cole, Nikki, and Wiley are each faced with a life-changing decision, and they’re about to get an unheard of opportunity. All five will get to live out both outcomes. It sounds like a dream come true, but when everything is said and done, will they even recognize themselves? Start reading, and get on the road to finding out!

Our next read is an extended excerpt of Museum of HeartBreak by Meg Leder. In Museum of Heartbreak, Penelope is about to discover that heartbreak comes in many different forms: lost loves, distanced friendships, damaged self-esteem, and confusing feelings. But life is all about change and how you respond to it, no matter how difficult that may be. Can Penelope rise from the ashes of heartbreak, or will she continue to try to return to the person she was before she knew so many things were delicate enough to break?

Continuing on, we have the extended excerpt of Draw the Line by Laurent Linn. Adrian Piper is used to blending in and staying out of sight because that makes it easier for him to spend time creating his own world at his drawing table, uninterrupted. But when a hate crime spurs Adrian into action, he must decide what kind of person he wants to be. Maybe it’s time to not be so invisible after all—no matter how dangerous the risk.

Finally, we have the full read of You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith. Emma and her neighbor Peter seem to have nothing in common, however, they both come from families that they don’t fit into. This leads them to set out on an unexpected road trip down the eastern shore of the United States. As both Emma and Peter try and figure out their place in the world, and within their families, they discover they have more in common than they once thought.

Find out more about our Summer of Discovery reads:

Saints and Misfitsby S.K. Ali

Saints and Misfits is an unforgettable debut novel that feels like a modern day My So-Called Life…starring a Muslim teen.

There are three kinds of people in my world:

1. Saints, those special people moving the world forward. Sometimes you glaze over them. Or, at least, I do. They’re in your face so much, you can’t see them, like how you can’t see your nose.

2. Misfits, people who don’t belong. Like me—the way I don’t fit into Dad’s brand-new family or in the leftover one composed of Mom and my older brother, Mama’s-Boy-Muhammad.

Also, there’s Jeremy and me. Misfits. Because although, alliteratively speaking, Janna and Jeremy sound good together, we don’t go together. Same planet, different worlds.

But sometimes worlds collide and beautiful things happen, right?

3. Monsters. Well, monsters wearing saint masks, like in Flannery O’Connor’s stories.

Like the monster at my mosque.

People think he’s holy, untouchable, but nobody has seen under the mask.

Except me.

Fragile Like Usby Sara Barnard

In the tradition of Sarah Dessen and Morgan Matson comes a pitch perfect novel about friendship and what it takes to break the bonds between friends.

Caddy and Rosie have always been inseparable. But that was before Suzanne. Now the twosome has become a triangle with constantly shifting alliances.

Caddy’s ready to be more than just the quiet one. She wants something to happen. Suzanne is trying to escape her past and be someone different, someone free. But sometimes downward spirals have a momentum of their own. And no one can break your heart like a best friend.

Two Roads from Hereby Teddy Steinkellner

Five high school seniors. Two different roads. One life-changing decision. For fans of Tommy Wallach and Patrick Ness comes a thoughtful, funny novel that explores what happens to five teens when they choose the road…and the road not taken.

Should Brian play in Friday’s football game, even though his head really hurts?

Should Allegra commit to college now that her mother’s illness has returned?

Should Cole cheat on the SATs for a chance to get into his dream school?

Should Nikki go all the way with her boyfriend?

Should Wiley tell his best friend that he loves her and risk losing her completely?

These five seniors are about to have an opportunity people only dream about: to experience two potential outcomes of a life-altering decision. When it’s all over, will they still recognize their futures?

Draw the Lineby Laurent Linn

For more information visit

After a hate crime occurs in his small Texas town, Adrian Piper must discover his own power, decide how to use it, and know where to draw the line in this stunning debut novel exquisitely illustrated by the author.

Adrian Piper is used to blending into the background at his Texas high school. He may be a talented artist, a sci-fi geek, and gay, but none of those social groups get him…at all.

In fact, the only place he feels free to be himself is at his drawing table while he’s creating his own world through the Renaissance-art-inspired superhero of his own design, Graphite.

But in real life, when a hate crime spurs Adrian into action, he must decide what kind of person he wants to be. Maybe it’s time to not be so invisible after all—no matter how dangerous the risk.

You Are Hereby Jennifer E. Smith

Sometimes to find out where you’re going, you have to discover what you’ve left behind: Two teens hit the road in this breathtaking novel from Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Statistical Improbability of Love at First Sight.

Emma and her neighbor Peter are both lonely in a way that only bothers them occasionally. They both come from families they don’t quite understand. They both feel like something big is missing from their lives—and they’re both about to search for answers. When Emma makes a discovery that shakes the foundations of her identity, she convinces Peter to join her for a road trip. Each of them has something to find: For Emma, it is a grave—a grave that may be her only connection to her family. Peter is seeking something harder to define, but perhaps easier to navigate—a freedom, a sense of something more than what he has. Together, they take to the open road, engaging in a universal quest to make sense of who they are and where they come from…and learning a thing or two about love along the way.

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