Like Looking for Alaska? Try This!

July 14, 2017
Casey Nugent
Riveted Editorial Board

Like try why boy


Boy follows Gavin Meeks, one of the cool kids at his high school. His life is an easy cycle of parties, snowboarding, girls, and easy-riding. But then Antoinette crash-lands at his high school. She’s different than most of the easy-going Evergreen High kids — she’s experienced tragedy first-hand, and she has a dark, dramatic air about her. Gavin becomes immediately captivated by her, and with his trusty camera at hand finds a way to express his feelings for her through his photography. All of which leads to one night that changes everything. Taking place over three years, Boy is a fantastic read for John Green fans. Antoinette is an unapologetically dark heroine in the vein of Alaska. She’s frank, she’s funny, and she’s a powerhouse. Plus, like Looking for Alaska, Boy isn’t afraid to confront, headfirst, the tragedies that change us as people. If you’re a fan of heart wrenching stories with compelling and memorable characters, Boy will fit nicely on your shelf.

Check out the full Boy description below:

In the style of Blake Nelson’s cult favorite, Girl, comes a brand-new story about the moments in life that change how you see everything and everyone you always thought you knew—including yourself.

Every school has them: the cool kids. The insiders. Gavin Meeks is one of them. He lives an easy life of parties, girls, snowboarding adventures and whatever else comes his way.

But when dark, dramatic Antoinette crash-lands at Evergreen High, the entire school feels the impact. Antoinette has seen things, been places, experienced deep tragedy first-hand. She’s not just a rebel, she’s a force of nature. Gavin, for one, is captivated and is soon pursuing interests he never knew he had. With a camera in hand, he finds a way to express his own truth, including his feelings for his favorite subject: Antoinette. It all leads to one passionate, life-altering night in this achingly authentic story from bestselling author Blake Nelson.

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