40 Thoughts I Had While Watching “Younger”

June 30, 2017
Keri Horan
Riveted Editorial Board

I just need to take a minute to make sure we’re all on the same page about something. Younger is the #1 guilty pleasure show on TV, right? Season 3 just came out, and I’ll admit that I’m a little behind. But I’m on the bandwagon now and that’s what counts!

If you aren’t already aware of this glorious show, let me go ahead and give you the best news you’ll receive in 2017: Hilary Duff is back on TV in her best role since Lizzy McGuire (in my totally objective opinion).

Following her divorce, Sutton Foster (who co-stars with Duff) decides to re-enter the publishing industry. But she soon discovers breaking back into publishing could possibly be even more difficult than it was to break in in the first place.

What’s a 40-year-old divorcee to do? Pretend to be 26, apparently, and take a job as an editorial assistant at a fictionalized version of a Big Five publisher. Seems logical enough to me, and I am totally in.

The season four premiere aired this week on TV Land, and in honor of the long awaited fourth season, here are 40 thoughts I had while watching the pilot episode.

Have you watched it yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Oh, a show about publishing. I work in publishing! That’s pretty cool. I’ll check it out when I have time.


giphy (9)

3. I need this in my life immediately.


4. Where can I watch TV Land without cable? Searching, searching for a (definitely totally legal) way of watching and…got it.


5. Okay, so after our opening New York City skyline montage, we’ve got Sutton Foster in an interview.

giphy (10)


6. Wait, did she just say she started as a marketing assistant and “worked her way up” to junior editor? I mean, I guess that’s possible, but we’re not all pretending that’s the normal trajectory, right? Oh, we are? Well okay, then. (Side note: if you want to become an editor, don’t take a job as a marketing assistant. Be patient, and take a job as an editorial assistant. It’s SO HARD to switch between departments once you’re on a track. Not impossible, but hard.)


7. You were one of the youngest to make editor at 25? Didn’t you just say you were a junior editor? Well, we call that position assistant editor and twenty-five is a pretty normal age to be in that position, tbh. But I guess if you started off in marketing and then had to switch over to editorial…


8. Oh, okay, this other chick gets it. She knows twenty-five is a pretty normal age to be a junior/assistant editor.


9. What is “Bang with Friends?” If that’s a thing then, I’m more out of it than Liza.
giphy (11)


10. Wait, why is her daughter studying abroad in India wearing a bindi? Is she just SO CULTURED? Is it to remind us she’s far away? This feels weird.


11. We all moved to Brooklyn because we couldn’t afford Manhattan, Maggie. And none of us can afford Brooklyn anymore, either.


12. Oh, hello there, young adorable man with tattoos. You’re so young and adorable and tattooed. Of course your name is Josh.


13. Liza, you’re non-ironically saying “my bad?” Yikes. You’ve got a long way to go.

giphy (13)

14. So, the biggest fantasy of this show thus far is being able to go out to a crowded bar and actually be able to hear each other.


15. And the lies start pouring out, Liza.


16. Oh, Josh, there is no way you actually think Liza is twenty-six “give or take.” But you’re very pretty, so.


17. Quick question for Maggie: how many pieces of art do you need to sell to be able to afford that much space in Brooklyn?


18. OMG we’re only nine minutes into this show and we get a MAKEOVER MONTAGE? Hell yes. I am SO into this.


19. And, we’re at interview number two.


20. I’m sorry, but if anyone came into my office interviewing for a job and wore a pink fuzzy blazer, they’d have to really sell me. I’m not saying it’d be an automatic no, but let’s be honest.


21. Okay, we are definitely not all Ivy League English majors. I mean, a lot of us are English majors, and some of us went to Ivy League schools, but you can definitely get a job in publishing without either of those things.


22. I…I kind of think it’s okay for grownups to think they’re special. Just saying.


giphy (12)


24. Hil, you didn’t mean to…”shit in my cheerios”? What? Come on, you’re better than that.


25. I can’t tell if I’m supposed to trust my girl. Is Hilary a mean girl or my new BFF? Quoting Taylor Swift isn’t exactly helping me determine this.


26. “We’re releasing Pride and Prejudice as an e-book and we need to make some noise in the Twitterverse.” Lololololololololololol


27. Why…would you need to put Jane Austen on and Christian Mingle? Social media, sure, but what possible advantage could setting up dating profiles yield?


28. BING IT. Nothing says “I’m-not-in-my-twenties” more than using Bing.


29. There is a lot more talk about vaginas than I thought there’d be, tbh.


30. Love the implication that writers can only write for one house. So. Not. True.


31. Adding an intro to a classic is kinda just…standard practice. If that’s what you’re relying on as a “great marketing hook,” hate to say you guys might be in trouble.


32. You’re providing a “free interactive study guide” to EVERY high school?? Pray, tell me who you sold your soul to in order to make THAT happen.


33. Oh no she didn’t just steal Liza’s idea to add an intro, which would definitely, definitely, definitely have already been part of the plan anyway.


34. Hang on, Trout. Are those ACTUAL Christmas ornaments hanging from your necklace?


35. Also, if this publishing house is spending this much time and money talking about the marketing plan for a classic e-book, they need to re-evaluate their list. They do realize that classics are in the public domain, yes?


36. Oh, yay! Hilary does seem to be a BFF. She took Liza’s uninvited criticism of her boyfriend well, and still wants to help her do her makeup. I may just make it out of this episode a believer.

giphy (15)

37. Wait, so they just completely abandoned that staff meeting to go do Liza’s makeup? Oh…kay then.


38. Wow, Liza, you tell your kid to come home early from study abroad just because she’s having one crappy day? No trying to convince her to stick it out or that it’ll be worth it in the end? Nope, she’s abandoning study abroad faster than you abandoned that staff meeting.


39. Josh, I worry about your intelligence. Really, I do. If a girl is clearly walking away from the place you’re supposed to meet and you ask her where she’s going, maybe be a little suspicious of the response: “coming to meet you.”


40. OMG I need to binge the rest of this immediately.source (2)

Oh, and in case you can’t get enough Hilary Duff in your life (like me, obviously), she wrote a YA trilogy! Check it out here.

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