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June 19, 2017
The Riveted Team
Believe In Your Shelf

You guys know about Wattpad, right? It’s an amazing site where people—over 45 million of them!—share their stories. And what do we do every week here on Riveted? We share stories!!

It seems like destiny that Riveted and Wattpad should finally meet. Kismet, even! Sure, Wattpad has a lot of suitors but Riveted’s a scrappy underdog! Riveted and Wattpad will be like Augustus and Hazel—oh, perhaps that’s not the best example…how about like Clary and Jace? Bella and Edward?? Here we go: Riveted’s going to woo Wattpad like Peeta woos Katniss! OK, perhaps we’re getting a little carried away but that’s what Wattpad does to us.

girl-9781481494984_hrAnyway, as you can tell, we’re so excited to announce that Riveted has a profile on Wattpad! And as if all of the free reads we’re always offering on Riveted weren’t enough, visit us on Wattpad where we’ll be sharing even more stories! Every month, we’re going to be serializing great books on our Wattpad profile and we’ve started it off with Girl from Blake Nelson. Girl was originally serialized in Sassy Magazine over ten years ago and it went on to become a cult hit. Now that Blake has written a brand new companion novel, Boy, it’s the perfect time to introduce a new generation of readers to Blake Nelson. Since we’ll be sharing Girl the way fans originally came to it, as a serialization, you can look forward to perfectly timed *gasp* moments, cliff hangers, and more. So stop by our Wattpad profile and check out both of Blake’s books: we’re uploading chapters from Girl every Monday/Wednesday/Friday and you’ll be able to read the whole book, PLUS we’re uploading chapters of Boy every Tuesday and Thursday so you can check out a sample of it and see what it’s all about! Then, keep coming back because we’ve got a line-up of great books still to come on Wattpad!

Wait, that’s not all—we’ll also be getting authors involved too! Blake Nelson’s been peeking at our Wattpad profile, wondering how our readers are liking Boy and Girl, and he wants to hear from you. If you’ve got a question or comment for Blake, post it on Wattpad (or leave it here in the comments) and we’ll post the answers from Blake on our Wattpad profile.

Visit Riveted on Wattpad today!

Are any of you Wattpadders already? We’re having a great time exploring the site and we’re looking for some good YA—let us know in the comments if you’ve written anything on Wattpad or if you have any favorite Wattpad authors. We want to make more friends on Wattpad and are looking for writers to follow and great stories to add to our reading list (the one featured on our profile)!

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