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Spring 2018 Cover Reveals: Day 2

May 31, 2017
The Riveted Team
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It’s day two of our Spring 2018 cover reveals (#RivetedRevealSp18)!

For today’s reveals, we pulled out two of the sci-fi/fantasy titles from our Spring 2018 list! For our first reveal, we’ve got the third and final book in Sarah Fine’s epic Impostor Queen trilogy, The True Queen! Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Aveyard will definitely dig this trilogy that started off with The Impostor Queen and its YA trope-defying premise: the elders chose Elli to be queen…but they chose wrong. With its wildly creative, high-fantasy setting, beautifully crafted, compelling writing, and strong LGBTQ characters, this is a must-read trilogy for any lover of YA fantasy. We don’t want to get into any spoiler territory if you’re new to the series but if you want to hear more about The True Queen, we’ve got the full book description down below.

Our second reveal of the day comes from Author Patrick Weekes, a writer from BioWare (a division of Electronic Arts), where he’s written for the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises, in addition to being an author in his own right with the Rogues of the Republic trilogy and Dragon Age: The Masked Empire, a novel set in the Dragon Age universe. With a pedigree like that, you just KNOW that the plot of his new book Feeder is going to be fresh and original, and if the awesome cover design is any indication, it surely will be! Though it can’t possibly do the plot justice, we’re summing Feeder up as “A monster-hunter teams up with super-powered teens to protect her brother in this fast-paced adventure novel that’s X-Men meets Men in Black.” Sure, that’s sounds cool, and its totally a book we’d pick right up, but definitely do scroll down for the full book description (and the sweet cover) to learn a little more about Feeder.

These are some exciting reads, we hope you agree! Read on to learn a little more about these Spring 2018 titles and to scope out their epic covers. And if you’re interest is piqued, let us know in the comments!

And in case you missed yesterday’s Spring 18 reveals….

The True Queen by Sarah Fine:


About the Book:

Now that Ansa knows she is the destined queen of Kupari, she is desperate to find a permanent home for her people, the Kriegere, in the Kupari lands. But as the small band of warriors crosses into the foreign territory, Ansa loses her fragile grip on her newly-acquired—and violent—fire and ice magic and puts everyone, including her love Thyra, in danger.

Inside the walls of Kupari, Elli maintains the facade that she is the magical queen, with her secret—that she has no magic at all—on the brink of exposure every day. But as she tries to prepare the citizens to protect themselves from another invasion, unrest spreads as wielders like her beloved Oskar begin to lose control of their powers.

As Kupari grows increasingly unstable, with the land literally crumbling beneath their feet, and a common enemy once again threatening everything, these two young women on a collision course with destiny must find a way to save the realm and their people from total destruction.

In this epic conclusion to the Impostor Queen series, Sarah Fine’s sweeping tale of two fierce leaders imbued with unimaginable power and called to unthinkable sacrifice finally answers the question: who has the strength to be the True Queen?

The True Queen will be available January 2, 2018!

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Here are all three books in the Impostor Queen trilogy – don’t they look fantastic?!


Feeder by Patrick Weekes:


About the Book:

Lori Fisher hunts monsters. Not with a sword or a gun, but with an interdimensional creature called Handler. Together they take down “feeders”—aliens who prey on mankind. When Lori touches a feeder, Handler’s impossibly large jaws appear and drag the beast into another dimension.

It’s a living—or was, until a job for the Lake Foundation goes wrong, and Lori stumbles across the Nix, a group of mutant teenagers held captive on the docks. Now the Lake Foundation is hunting Lori, and if they find Lori, they find Ben, the brother Lori would do anything to protect. There’s only one thing to do: strike first.

Lori teams up with the Nix to take on Lake, and to discover why the Nix were kidnapped in the first place. But as she watches their powers unfold, Lori realizes the Nix are nothing like her. She has no powers. She has…Handler. Maybe she’s not the monster hunter after all. Maybe she’s just the bait.

Feeder will be available March 6, 2018!

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