The Complete List of Lord of Shadows Exclusive Editions

May 24, 2017
Jill Hacking
Riveted Editorial Board

Lord of Shadows is finally here and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! I’ve already devoured it once and I’m happily going through my second reading.

In case you haven’t gotten your copy yet (um, what have you even been doing?), or if you’ve realized the benefits of having more than one copy (there’s safety in numbers!), you should know that there are (at least) SEVEN different versions of Lord of Shadows available! One of my favorite surprises was the fact that ALL first edition copies include 40 (YES FORTY) never-before-seen runes by Val Friere (the original designer of the Shadowhunter runes) printed on the backside of the cover but otherwise, each of the various exclusive editions have a little something extra to set them apart. To help you with your potential purchasing decision, here’s a round-up of all the exclusive editions there are to choose from!  After all, why have just one copy when you can have seven?!

US Exclusive Editions

Barnes & Noble:

BN exclusive

This edition features a deleted scene in which Emma and Julian meet on Blackfriars Bridge in London and discuss a certain trio of Victorian Shadowhunters we all know and love. Get it here.


Target exclusive

This edition features a stunning, detailed map of Alicante, the Shadowhunters’ hidden European country. Finally, we can all put a visual to the place we’ve been trying to book tickets to for ten years!

Get it here.



If you haven’t read Lady Midnight, tiny spoiler, Julian creates a beautiful portrait of Emma. Guess what? That portrait is in this edition! You can only get it if you’re a Costco member…but I think it might be worth it.



This edition features an exclusive bonus poster that includes all your favorite Shadowhunters! Get it here.

UK Exclusive Editions:

W.H. Smiths:

WHSmith exclusive

The first 200 orders will feature a glossary of runes. Additionally, each of these copies is hand-stamped with a rune that incorporates Cassandra Clare’s signature. Get it here.



This special edition paperback features blue page edges and the deleted scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge. Get it here.

UK Hardcover Special Limited Edition:

UK exclusive

There are only 2,000 of these printed! The cover is decorated with the parabatai rune, and included inside is the deleted scene and map of Alicante. Get it here.

Which one will you be reading? I’LL TAKE ONE OF EVERYTHING!

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