The Next Big True Crime Show Host Could Be…You!

May 23, 2017
The Riveted Team
Believe In Your Shelf

True crime’s been so hot lately and we love it! So when our friends from Efran Films, a production company based out of NYC, reached out to us recently to let us know they were on the search for a host for a new true crime series, we were pretty excited! Alas, while a lot of us here WISH we could take them up on it, we’re not quite ready to leave our current jobs in pursuit of cable television stardom….but we thought perhaps some of you might be! Here’s all of the info we’ve got below, but you’ll need to move quickly—they’re looking for submissions by this Friday, May 26th! If you apply, drop us a comment and let us know!


Are you an amateur sleuth or a murder mystery junkie?

Are you an active member of a true crime group/podcast?

Have you ever tried to solve a cold case on your own?

Efran Films, an Emmy award-winning production company based out of NYC, is currently seeking a young host who has a verifiable passion for crime for a series on a cable network. A background in communications, law, journalism, forensics, or criminology is a huge plus! We’re also accepting submissions from people who are YouTubers, podcasters, true crime junkies or amateur sleuths.

This is a PAID opportunity. You must be willing and able to travel around the country and talk about sensitive source material with witnesses, police and family members of victims. Each episode will have the host talking about a particular crime case that happened somewhere in the country. They’d talk about the facts of the case and have their own input on it as well.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the questionnaire and send us a 2 minute video of you talking about yourself (the first 30 seconds) and a particular crime case you are currently passionate about (1.5 minutes)— and not one of the top ten cases that’s been covered extensively in the media. We want to see how you can speak to a story, review the facts and information about it and also have your own opinion on it. If you have other videos that exist of you online that showcases you on camera talking about any topic (school project, professional shoot and/or home video) please also include those links. Smartphone videos are totally fine but please be close enough so we can hear and see you. Please keep the video to 2 minutes as saying everything you need in that amount of time is part of us seeing your potential.

Please create your personal video and the linked questionnaire by this Friday, May 26th. If you need an extension or have any questions, please reach out to

We do NOT download videos so please upload your video submission to YouTube or Vimeo or similar site and send us a link as noted in the questionnaire. If it’s password protected, please provide us with that as well.

Here’s the Casting Questionnaire

Thank you so much and we look forward to your submission!

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