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6 Reasons to Read A Court of Wings and Ruin

May 17, 2017
Sam Benson
Riveted Editorial Board

Two weeks ago, the third book in Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series, A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOWAR), was released. I ran out during my lunch hour to buy a copy and immediately devoured it. If you’re not already reading this series, you should stop everything you’re doing and go buy the first one. Seriously, it’s that good. SERIOUSLY. It pretty much has everything in it: faeries, magic, strong female characters, a war, and so many twists!

If you are caught up, but were on the fence about reading this new one, here’s an abbreviated list of reasons why you need to pick up a copy of ACOWAR immediately (if I gave you my full list, you’d be reading it all day).

1. It’s a book by Sarah J. Maas

Honestly, I would read anything written by this woman. When I read Throne of Glass, I knew there would be no going back. The worlds and characters she creates are so vibrant that I always get utterly lost in them. Sarah J. Maas is one of the queens of high fantasy right now, and I’m all too eager to devour anything and everything she has to offer.

2. The closing of a chapter in the ACOTAR World

Last summer, Sarah J. Maas announced that A Court of Wings and Ruin would not be the final book in the ACOTAR series after all. This announcement was a little vague, but according to her website, they will be “spin-off novels set in the ACOTAR world.” Although we have no idea what this will be exactly (though now that ACOWAR is here I think we all have our guesses), ACOWAR is the end of a chapter of this amazing world and does a fantastic job of wrapping up this first trilogy.

3. Rhysand *screams internally*


art by Merwild

Does anything more need to be said? Rhysand is everyone’s favorite High Lord and one of the most swoon-worthy book characters I’ve ever read. There’s a reason he made it on to all of the Riveted Book Boyfriend Lists back in February. In this book, you get an even closer look into what makes Rhys, Rhys. He shows the importance of balance. There’s a gentleness with his strength, a vulnerability with his courage, and a carefulness with his power. He’s basically just all around amazing and if you haven’t read the ACOTAR series yet, I would recommend doing it just so you can meet him (Okay, there’s a cool plot too but RHYSAND).

4. Feyre is a badass


art by Merwild

I know I just fangirled about Rhysand in number 3, but really Feyre is the one who steals the show. One of my favorite things in the series is seeing how she has grown over time. She is a strong and fierce female character who will do everything she can to protect the ones she loves. The books are told from her perspective and we get to watch her come into her own. In ACOWAR, Feyre is once again pushed to her limits, but she shines as bright as always. Even as she grows stronger and becomes more obviously Fae, she remains as dedicated to the protection of humans as ever.

5. The Archeron Sisters


art by Merwild

Feyre’s relationship with her sisters has been one that fascinated me from the beginning. It is so complicated and at times frustrating, as most families are. Nesta and Elain are really interesting characters. Without going into too many spoilers as to why, Feyre’s sisters are featured more prominently in ACOWAR. I loved seeing their relationship explored more and see how these sisters navigate their problems together. They each fall into their roles and showcase their own power. These sisters are an absolutely wonderful representation of the many different ways people (especially women) can be strong.

6. Prythian

This is one of those fantasy worlds you never want to leave. There are seven courts, each ruled by a different High Fae Lord. The Faerie courts are separated from the Mortal Lands by The Wall. The history of this land is really interesting and I can’t wait to see what more we learn as the series continues.

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