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The Fairest of Them All: 5 Snow White Retellings You’ll Love

April 25, 2017
Jill Hacking
Riveted Editorial Board

It’s Princess Week, and I am so excited to use this as an excuse to talk about Snow White because her story holds a special place in my heart. For a couple of summers in my teens, I got to play Snow White at a fairytale festival for kids. As glamorous as it sounds—signing autographs, taking photos, making dreams come true—I discovered there’s a dark side to being a princess. Performing outside in July wearing a long, thick dress and getting kissed (drooled on) by Prince Charming (a guy younger than me with a big crush) 6 times a day really puts it all into perspective. It’s a good thing I did a bunch of character research (yep. nerd.) and read every Snow White retelling I could find to prepare myself for any potential unmagical sides of the fairy tale. While lying, fake-comatose and drooled upon, on a wooden stage isn’t exactly having your stepmother try to kill you, it is pretty rough. Take my advice and thank your lucky stars you can just read this dark, enchanting tale, and you don’t have to live it.

When you’re done doing that, check out my list of favorite Snow White retellings and let me know what you think in the comments! Did I miss any of your favorites?

Fairestby Gail Carson Levine

In this retelling, it’s not her looks that catch royal attention, it’s her magical voice.

Snowby Tracy Lynn

This retelling is my favorite. It’s heisty, clockwork-y, and a little dark. And the love interest is not a prince. Trust me, check it out!

Winterby Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series is the current reigning champion of princess retellings, and her twist on Snow White is no exception! Also check out Fairest, Meyer’s backstory on the queen.

The Fairest Beautyby Melanie Dickerson

I’m always a fan of an unwitting pairing out on a journey, fighting danger and their feelings for each other.

The Shadow Queenby C.J. Redwine

The prince is also the huntsman and Snow White is a sorceress. Ready, go!

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