Suzanne Young’s Writing Space

April 17, 2017
The Riveted Team
Believe In Your Shelf

ICYMI, it’s Suzanne Young Week! Well, here on Riveted, at least!

We’re HUGE fans of The Program series and we’re SO excited the fifth book, The Adjustment is on sale this week! Aside from this week’s featured reads (The Program, The Adjustment, and Just Like Fate), be on the lookout for more fun Suzanne Young-related content throughout the week including a new guest author post from Suzanne, a sweepstakes, and maybe even an exciting reveal or two!

We’ve been marveling about Suzanne’s writing skills but we were interested—and we suspected you might be, too—to get to know a little more about Suzanne herself. After reading her books, following her on Twitter and Facebook, and even catching her on tv, it sometimes feels like we know her, but what’s she really like IRL? Thankfully, Suzanne was kind enough to give us a quick glimpse. We were curious to find out where she writes (a.k.a. where the magic happens) so she grabbed her phone and recorded a quick video for us! It’s casual (she confessed she didn’t even have time to put on lip-gloss), but it’s exactly what we we wanted to see: Suzanne being herself. We’re still hoping to eventually move out to Arizona and become BFFs with Suzanne (we could totally dog-sit for her while she’s out touring for her books), but until that day comes, we’re good with this quick peek into Suzanne’s life:

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