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4 Books Sure to Inspire a Backpacking Adventure!

March 21, 2017
Danielle Finnegan
Riveted Editorial Board

As spring break crawls away and you start daydreaming of summer, many of you will be planning your own vacations, begging your parents to go somewhere, or writing a mental list of places you wish you could go. Luckily, there’s no shortage of young adult books that can take you on an unforgettable journey to some truly amazing places from the comfort of your own bedroom. These books are my travel inspiration and hopefully can be yours too! So whether you want to live vicariously through fictional characters, or use their stories to inspire your own shenanigans, here are the books that I think will help you go on a backpacking adventure!

13 Little Blue Envelopesby Maureen Johnson

This was one of the first backpacking adventures I read. This one follows Ginny after her Aunt leaves her thirteen envelopes, each with a task to complete. These instructions send Ginny off on a journey to London, Edinburgh, Denmark, and Amsterdam with just a backpack. The ups and downs of Ginny’s trip hold some valuable advice for first time backpackers (at least it did for me! For example, NEVER leave your things unattended...).

Just One Dayby Gayle Forman

It's a beautiful story about a post high school trip to Paris. Allyson’s romantic adventure in Paris is everything you dream your trip to Paris will be (even though from my experiences, boys don’t actually whisk you away for a day of adventure in Paris but I WISH). A majority of this book takes place in the aftermath of Allyson’s trip. Just One Day is an important book to read before you jet off on your fantastic adventure since you (sadly) have to come home eventually.

Anna and The French Kissby Stephanie Perkins

This adorable book is about Anna who is transferring to a boarding school in Paris. We follow her as she adjusts to a new country and interacts with people from all over the world. This book is also a romantic Parisian adventure (though what book set is Paris isn't?! I have yet to have a romantic adventure in Paris but I’ll just keep going back until that happens…). Anna and the French Kiss is a hilarious yet sincere novel and will make you want to visit all the beautiful sites in Paris. I made sure to visit all of the book’s location highlights, like St. Etienne-du-Mont church and Pont Zero while I was there!

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detourby Morgan Matson

Who doesn’t love a cross country road trip? This is the most doable spring break vacation. Just hop into a car and drive across the country! Now, if you want to do this like Amy and Roger, you have to actually be MOVING across the country. With an old family friend. With a ton of unexpected twists. This funny and heartfelt novel will have you planning your trip from California to Connecticut next week.

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