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Poll: Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

March 14, 2017
Janine Perez
Riveted Editorial Board

In The Shadows We Know By Heart by Jennifer Park, Leah has a secret: sasquatches are real, and she’s been watching a trio of them in the woods behind her house for years. Leah would hardly be the first person in history to have a sasquatch sighting. In fact, sightings of hairy, nude, and ridiculously strong people living in the more obscure corners of the world have been recorded since the 15th century. Of course, they’ve all been called by different names. In the Eurasian steppe and high in the Himalayas, there is the white-furred Yeti (aka the abominable snowman). Six thousand miles away, ‘skunk-ape’ spottings have been made among the Floridian swamps. Australia has the ‘Yowie’. In Indonesia, there is the orange-colored ‘Ebu Gogo,’ or the ‘Grandma who eats anything.’ And in the misty forests of the Pacific Northwest is the most iconic crypto-zoological primate of all: the Sasquatch. When these animals are all grouped together as one species, this beast is often referred to as a “Bigfoot.”

So what do you think? Do you believe that people have had Bigfoot sightings throughout history because they must be real, or do people just want to believe in Bigfoot? Do you believe?


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