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March 7, 2017
Jill Hacking
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This Saturday, March 11th, is National Promposal Day (Yes, it’s a real thing)! To celebrate, we’re featuring Promposal by Rhonda Helms as a free read now through March 20th!

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Pulling out all the stops to ask your crush to the dance makes for a really great story, but it’s also pretty familiar to me. I don’t know about you guys, but where I grew up, asking someone to a school dance was a HUGE DEAL. The more creative your “promposal,” the more your crush knew you wanted to go with them. And your response needed to have a proportionate amount of creativity. There were ALL KINDS of unspoken etiquette about it too. Like, what if you get asked by two people? How do you let one down? Answer: creatively, but not too creatively because you don’t want to make them fall further in love with you. Obvi. It was seriously high stakes.

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That’s why I’ve pulled together some of the most outlandish, creative, and hilarious school dance invites from people in the community. Whether you need a good laugh or inspiration for your own promposal, you’ll appreciate these. I promise.

The Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie

“My friend was given 2,000 fortune cookies with an altered message inside asking him to the dance.”

The Prankster


“After my now-husband asked me to Homecoming in the sweetest way, I answered him by putting a bunch of little notes in a tub of shortening—things like “keep looking” and “almost there” but nothing with my answer—and left it on his doorstep. After an hour, I left a bag of suckers with a note that said, “Sucker! Of course I’ll go with you!”

The Production


“My craziest one takes too long to explain, but suffice it to say it involved two city-wide scavenger hunts, a school play, and a bunch of Disney Princesses.”

The Starstruck


“My brother asked someone to a dance once and she answered him by leaving a bunch of Starbursts on his bed with a note that said ‘Look to the stars.’ He opened every single one to find instructions, but they weren’t there. He eventually figured out that she’d spelled “yes” in glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling.”

The Taken


“I actually had my brother ‘kidnap’ a girl in response to asking me to a dance. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. We made sure to be really over the top and obvious. It’s about knowing your audience.” Editor’s note: this person is well-adjusted and kind, and not in fact a serial killer.

The Needle in a Haystack

hay stack

“Yep. My brother actually got asked to Prom via three hay bales doorbell-ditched on our front porch. He had to search through them and find the needle with her name wrapped around it.”

The Barnyard


“My friend released a pig in choir class and the guy had to chase it and catch it to get the question from around its neck. Then he answered with a chicken!”

The Lunchtime Serenade

LUnchtime serenede

“Someone in my high school dressed like Aladdin and had his friends carry him around the lunchroom on a ‘magic carpet.’ He pulled the girl up with him and sang “A Whole New World” to her. There were a lot of singing dance invites during lunch at my school.”

The Pyrotechnician


“A guy answered my next-door neighbor by pouring gasoline in the street in the shape of YES and lit it on fire for her to find when she opened the door.”

The Wreck


“My cousin got an old car towed to a girl’s house from a wrecking yard, then added a few more dents and such with a sledge hammer before throwing a large rock through the windshield that had ‘I would be a wreck if you don’t go to Prom with me’ painted on it.”

The Hidden Letters

hidden letters

There were lots of variations of this one. I used it, and I saw friends use it. You just write the letters of your name on different pieces of paper. Then pick your degree of difficulty. If you’re feeling nice, wrap the papers in aluminum foil and bake them inside a batch of cookies. If you’re feeling a little sadistic, write on the back of confetti and give your dear one a large bag of it. The question of “will you go to prom with me?” is implied. Really, the sky’s the limit.


What’s the most outrageous dance invite you’ve heard of or participated in? Tell us about it in the comments! And be sure to check out Promposal before March 20th.

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