Meet the Editorial Board: Superlatives

January 17, 2017
Janine Perez
Riveted Editorial Board

I loved reading Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echol! It’s the perfect balance of sassy and funny, AND it’s a free read until January 30th (check it out if you haven’t yet). In Biggest Flirts, Tia just wants to have fun, while Will is looking for something more serious. Despite their obvious chemistry, Will moves on in search of something stable, until their lives get flipped upside down when they’re voted the Yearbook’s Biggest Flirts.

The book is absolutely adorable, and it got me thinking about Yearbook superlatives and how much I used to love them. It also occurred to me that I superlatives might be a great way to let you, the Riveted community, get to know the Riveted Editorial Board a bit better.

Therefore, here are the Riveted Editorial Board Superlatives!

Most likely to Become a Millionaire:
Aubrey Churchward

Aubrey Millionaire

See that beautiful palace behind her? She already looks like she owns it. 

Most likely to Become Famous:
Sarah Jane Abbott

Sarah Jane Hollywood

She’s so destined for fame that the Hollywood sign photobombed her!

Most likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize:
Shifa Kapadwala

Shifa Reading

This girl is going to save the world, one book at a time!

Most likely to Travel the World:
Jessica Harold

Jessica Harold Travel

She’s already gone to a bunch of different countries. This girl is (literally) going places!

Most likely to Work for the FBI:
Diego Molano Rodriguez


He knows everything. That’s why his smile is so big. It’s full of secrets!

Most Likely to Win America’s Got Talent:
Janine Perez

Janine Americas Got Talent

This is actually a still from the time I auditioned (lol. jk but you believed me there for a sec, right?).

Most Likely to Be Laughing:
Natascha Morris

Natascha laughing

 She can laugh at anything—even pickles!

Most Likely to Cheer You Up:
Cat Hayden

Silly Cat

If that were the real Grumpy Cat in the picture, she’d be smiling. 

Most Likely to Win the Hunger

Katy Hershberger


 She is fearless. Enough said. 

Most Likely to be a Disney Princess:
Tara Grieco

Tara Disney Princess

This is obviously a photo of an in-disguise Jasmine with Aurora. 

Most Likely to Be a Superhero in Her Spare Time:
Keri Horan


Her sunglasses can’t fool me! She’s totally a superhero!

Most Likely to Be on a Reality TV Show:
Nick Elliot

Nick Elliot

Just ask him for a funny story. He’s got one. Then you’ll wish he had a reality TV show of his own, as well. 

Most Musically Inclined:
Matt Pantoliano

Matt Pantoliano

He has the voice of an angel. Also, he can play the guitar AND the ukulele (sort of). 

Best Dressed:
Audrey Gibbons

Audrey Gibbons

She’s always dressed to impress! I mean, look at this photo. She’s wearing pearls!

Best Eyes:
Amy Beaudoin

Amy Beautiful eyes

Look at those eyes. They’re mesmerizing!

Best Smile:
Sarah McCabe

Sarah McCabe

Seriously her teeth are perfect! Look at them! 

Biggest Imagination:
Julie Jarema

Julie Imagination

Her imagination is like a unicorn: rare and beautiful. 

Let us get to know you a little better, too! Share what you think your superlative should be in the comments!

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