New York City Locations in The Truth of Right Now

January 13, 2017
Catherine Hayden
Riveted Editorial Board

I love books that take place in New York City, not just because I’m a lifelong New Yorker, but because inevitably, the city itself ends up feeling like a main character in the book. A living breathing character that brings it’s own personality and quirks to any story that takes place there. It’s like that in real life; living in New York City, you don’t just feel like you’re a resident, you feel like you’re in a relationship with the city itself. In The Truth of Right Now by Kara Lee Corthron, the main characters Lily and Dari are both New York City natives who spend most of their free time out and about exploring many notable parts of the city.

If you haven’t read The Truth of Right Now yet, we have an extended excerpt available!

These are some of the New York spots that readers get to experience through Dari and Lily’s eyes:

The One Train

Dari and Lily both take this particular subway line a few times throughout the book to get where they need to go.

Subway Car
The 1 Train runs from the Bronx down to the southernmost tip of Manhattan.


Union Square

We catch only a glimpse of Union Square in the book – but it’s an iconic spot nonetheless. Plus The Strand is nearby so if you’re a bookworm you’ll probably find yourself in and around Union Square often!

Union Square
Union Square

Washington Square Park

Dari can be found sketching in this picturesque and historic park – unsurprising since there’s always something -or someone- interesting to see!

Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park’s iconic arch and fountain

The High Line

Once a working train track, the High Line is now a walking path/park and one of New York’s best examples of urban-meets-nature. Dari and Lily have a very memorable moment here, though it later becomes the scene of tragedy.

The High Line
The High Line

The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry brings commuters to and from Manhattan every day but it’s also a great way to take in some of the best views of Lower Manhattan for free! Just ask Dari and Lily – they take it in the book.

Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island Ferry carries passengers between lower Manhattan and Staten Island for free – and the views are remarkable!

Various Independent Movie Theaters

Throughout the book, Dari can be found skipping school to take in an artsy film and work on his drawing.

The IFC Center
The IFC center is one of many art house movie theaters in NYC that shows independent films.

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