Sherlock Lover Gift Guide

December 13, 2016
Sarah Jane Abbott
Riveted Editorial Board

This holiday season, if there are people on your list who are completely and utterly “SHER-locked,” look no further than this gift guide for the BBC Sherlock lover.  To my friends and family: take note.

Sherlock cutting board

cutting board

Because cutting veggies and stuff is so much better on top of Sherlock’s beautiful face.

SHER Locked Pillow

pillow Just letting everyone in your life know where your affections lie.  Also it looks really cuddly.

Lock & Mori Book


 While we anxiously await the new season of Sherlock, this is the perfect read!

Wallpaper Print Scarf

scarf  You’ll have to add your own yellow smiley face.

Cardigan Pin

sweater pin For the Sherlock fan who is also a fashionista.

Irene Adler Quote Poster 

Irene adlerBecause our love for The Woman and her effect on dear Sherlock is deep and real.

Mind Palace Coloring Book 

coloring bookBecause what better way to relax in your Mind Palace than coloring pictures of Sherlock characters and scenes?

Sherlock Pop Figure 

popEveryone needs a tiny Sherlock on their desk.  Everyone.

Sherlock Pencils 

pencilsPretty much the coolest school supplies ever.

Cardboard Cutout 

cutoutToo much?  Methinks not.  If having a life sized cardboard cutout of Sherlock in my home is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Sherlock Calendar 

calendarThe best way to keep track of one’s appointments.

Official Sherlock Pin Set

sherlock pins To adorn clothes, backpacks, cubicle walls…the possibilities are endless.

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