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#TeamPristine vs. #TeamDogEar: Which Team Are You?

December 8, 2016
Janine Perez
Riveted Editorial Board

For as long as there have been physical books, there has been the question: what’s the proper way to treat a book? Two teams have divided the reading world in half, and it’s time to see who will come out victorious!

Are you on #TeamPristine?

Team pristine believes you should treat your books like fragile, delicate treasures that need to be preserved and protected. They are prized possessions, after all. You should also try your best not to crack book spines while you’re reading them. If you’re someone who enjoys taking notes, there’s also a good chance you’re well-cared-for books contain many-a post-it notes. If you will use ANYTHING as a bookmark—a receipt, a ripped piece of paper, a paper clip, etc.—then you’re probably on team pristine.

Or are you #TeamDogEar?

Team dog ear believes a well worn book is a well-loved book. If your favorite books are being held together by tape and sheer will, you’re probably team dog ear. There’s a good chance your favorite books are also ripped at the corners from all the times you’ve dog eared your favorite pages, but that’s ok because once it rips it’s like a permanent dog ear. You’ve also been known to pull out a pencil or highlighter to make note of your favorite lines.

So tell us, where do you stand?

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