3 Reasons to Read How to Hang a Witch

November 2, 2016
Shifa Kapadwala
Riveted Editorial Board

How to hang a witchHow to Hang a Witch had me instantly hooked from the first chapter. The Salem Witch Trials meets Mean Girls? Intriguing. Give me, please!

When Samantha Mather moves from New York to small town Salem, Massachusetts, things start going wrong. There’s a creepy group of girls called “The Descendants” who seem to hate Sam for a reason she doesn’t know, and in that gigantic house of her grandmother’s that she’s inherited, her things don’t always remain the way that she left them…. Pretty soon, things go from bad to worse, from creepy to shudder-inducing scary. If these aren’t convincing reasons enough to drop what you’re doing and pick up this book, then check out my top 3 reasons below of why How to Hang a Witch should be your next read!


1.  Elijah!

Okay, so I’m not really the fall for ghosts type of girl. I’d prefer my love interests to be…well, alive. Or fictional…because that’s better than, um, dead. But I put all those things aside for Elijah—the attractive, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and sweet ghost. (Look at all those adjectives, I’m clearly smitten here.) If there’s one book where I’ve wanted a character to end up with a ghost over a real guy, it’s probably this one. I mean, who else would put a little tea party together with delicacies from different parts of the world in a matter of minutes just to make you feel better when you’re sad? Most likely not your non-fictional needs an airplane or car to get anywhere boyfriend. That Elijah, he’s such a keeper.


2. The Salem Witch Trials

It’s real guys! Though, I’m sure you already knew that. I mean, I hope. The coolest thing about it is that the author of the book, Adriana Mather is actually descended from those directly involved with the trials so long ago. In fact, the person who helped instigate it, Cotton Mather, is one of her ancestors! Adriana has a rich family history and authentic sources that she draws from to create this engaging novel, and I can tell you that the history and information you learn here are so much more interesting because of it. Talk about a novel referencing history done right!


3. Strong Female Character

If you’re in to strong female characters, this book should definitely be on your list. Due to the history behind her last name and the mysterious deaths surrounding her arrival to Salem, Sam has to put up with a lot more than anyone can bear, especially from the Descendants. Whereas one would give up with so much pressure, Sam keeps going. She knows she has mystery to uncover and issues to resolve, and though the going gets tough, Sam doesn’t give up.


With all those reasons and so many more, How to Hang a Witch is the perfect read! So turn off the lights, grab a flashlight and get reading!

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