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The Maid of Secrets Playlist!

October 19, 2016
Jennifer McGowan
Author of Maid of Secrets

Jennifer McGowan used music to help her get in touch with her characters while writing Maid of Secrets. And, of course, writing about a secret society of young women making up Elizabeth I’s most trusted royal guard calls for some seriously epic songs. See what she chose for each character, then take to the comments to let us know if you agree or if you had other songs in mind!

Haven’t read it yet? That’s ok! It’s a free read (until October 24th). And don’t forget to check out our other posts, Behind the Book: Maid of Secrets and An Interview with Sophia Dee!


The playlist for MAID OF SECRETS was so much fun to put together—and don’t worry, none of this music is from Elizabethan England! I actually tried to listen to some songs from the 1500s to get “in the mood” and I …well, I failed. Elizabethan music is not good for a playlist.

Now, the Foo Fighters? I can get behind that. In fact, the Foo Fighter song I list below for Meg is one that was on repeat far more times than I’d care to admit. But in keeping with the fact that MAID OF SECRETS is a historical, I also wanted to get some older tunes in the mix…all the way back to the 1980s!

So without further ado—let’s get to the playlist!


Meg’s song: The Pretender – Foo Fighters

Meg Fellowes, the heroine of MAID OF SECRETS, has been playing a role her whole life… first as a thief, then as an unofficial actress for her traveling troupe, and now as a spy for the Queen. But who is Meg really?


Rafe’s song: Way Cool Jr. – Ratt

Meg gets some unexpected (and unwanted) help from a mysterious Spanish spy, Count Rafe de Martine. Rafe is the original bad boy, and definitely not someone you can trust… which is why we’re throwing him back to the Hair Band rockers of the 80s to find his song. It’s a bit off the wall, especially the unplugged version, but it provides the swinging cool vibe of Rafe.


Beatrice’s song: Material Girl – Madonna

This one will also take you way (way) back to the 80s, but no one captures Beatrice’s confidence and style like a young Madonna. As the darling of the Queen’s court, Beatrice knows everyone’s secrets. But there’s also a secret of her own that she’s desperate to hide.

Anna’s song: Firework – Katy Perry

Anna is the smartest girl in the room—even when she doesn’t want to be. Lost in her world of intricate puzzles and mysteries to solve, she sometimes feels on the outside looking in when it comes to being part of a group. Her inner light, however, is just beginning to shine.

Sophia’s song: She’s a Mystery to Me – U2//Bono

Sophia, the youngest spy, is rumored to have the Sight…only her powers haven’t manifested yet. Despite that, she’s already up to her ears in danger that lurks just beyond the shadows.

Jane’s song: All that I’m Living For – Evanescence

Jane hasn’t had it easy. As the only assassin in the Maids of Honor, she’s seen her share of tragedy, beginning with a deadly attack on her village that haunts her still. Now she must fight the demons in her memory… even as she defends the Queen.


Queen Elizabeth’s song: Super Girl – Hillary Duff

Speaking of the Queen: In MAID OF SECRETS we find out Elizabeth I has just come to power and she’s only 25 years old! With half the kingdom praising her and half wanting her dead, it’s going to take a Super Girl to stay on top.

Bonus Track

When it comes to MAID OF DECEPTION, the second book in the Maids of Honor series, I have a different song for Beatrice. In book 2, Beatrice and the Queen square off in a constant clash of wills that is, well, best exemplified by this song:

Enemies – Shinedown. (So. Much. Win.)

And that’s my official playlist for MAID OF SECRETS! If you want to learn more about the Maids of Honor, start the adventure with MAID OF SECRETS and continue it with MAID OF DECEPTION and MAID OF WONDER!

Maid of Secretsby Jennifer McGowan

In this breathtaking start to a series, a secret society of young women make up Elizabeth I’s most trusted royal guard. God Save the Queen—or the Maids will.

Orphan Meg Fellowes makes her living picking pockets—until she steals from the wrong nobleman. Instead of rotting in prison like she expected, she’s whisked away to the court of Queen Elizabeth and pressed into royal service, where she joins four other remarkable girls in the Maids of Honor, the Queen’s secret society of protectors.

Meg’s natural abilities as a spy prove useful in this time of unrest. The Spanish Court is visiting, and with them come devious plots and hidden political motives. As threats to the kingdom begin to mount, Meg can’t deny her growing attraction to one of the dashing Spanish courtiers. But it’s hard to trust her heart in a place where royal formalities and masked balls hide the truth: Not everyone is who they appear to be. With danger lurking around every corner, can she stay alive—and protect the crown?

Maid of Deceptionby Jennifer McGowan

Elizabethan glamour and intrigue abound in this heart-pounding Maids of Honor novel, which Kirkus Reviews called “a quick-paced romance” that will “thrill and engage readers with a penchant for history.”

Beatrice Knowles is a Maid of Honor, one of Queen Elizabeth’s secret protectors, who has proven herself to be a valuable asset in the Queen’s court—or so she thinks. It has been three weeks since the Maids thwarted a plot to overthrow the Queen, and Beatrice is preparing to wed her betrothed, Lord Cavanaugh. However, her plans come to a crashing halt as rumors of a brewing Scottish rebellion spread among the court.

Beatrice’s new assignment is to infiltrate the visiting Scottish delegation using her uncanny ability to manipulate hearts. The mission seems simple enough, until the Queen sets Beatrice up for failure by pairing her with the worst of the lot—Alasdair MacLeod. But Alasdair could be the key to unlocking the truth about the rebellion…and her heart. Caught in a web of ever-more-twisting lies, Beatrice must rise up among the Maids of Honor and prove what she’s known all along: in a court filled with deception and danger, love may be the deadliest weapon of all.

Maid of Wonderby Jennifer McGowan

Sophia must master her psychic ability if she is to save the life of Queen Elizabeth and her fellow maids from a dark prophecy, in this third book in the Maids of Honor series.

Sophia Dee, the most unusual spy in Queen Elizabeth’s Maids of Honor, has run out of time for her psychic skills to fully manifest. A terrible prophecy haunts Windsor Castle, and the Queen demands answers before the next doomed soul dies.

Thrust into a dangerous competition to solve the deadly prediction, Sophia finds herself pitted against the most celebrated mystics of Europe: John Dee, her devious uncle and the Queen’s personal astrologer, and Nostradamus, the renowned prophet-seer of France.

In a court where whispers of witchcraft, poisonous plots, and grim assassins threaten her at every turn, Sophia needs answers fast. But does she dare trust Marcus Quinn, her uncle’s striking assistant? Or should she turn to the tortured dark angel of the spirit realm, who whispers to her only of danger and death?

As new dangers surface and the prophecy sweeps toward its final victim, the five Maids of Honor prepare to do battle. Only then will the girl who so often sees the future finally discover if she can save the Crown—and herself.

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