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Jake Paul’s You Gotta Want It

October 11, 2016
Jake Paul
Author of You Gotta Want It

Jake Paul, the nineteen year old costar of the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark and a social media heartthrob (If you’re not already following him, join the millions that are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat: jakepaul1), has added a memoir to his list of accomplishments…and it’s available today!

Wanna know more? Then you’re in luck because Jake’s written a letter to YOU, the readers of Riveted, to tell you a little more about why he wrote You Gotta Want It! See what Jake has to say below and then read on for an excerpt and a little more about Jake’s memoir.


Dear Riveted Reader,

You probably are surprised to see my name pop up on your website. I know, I know: this isn’t Vine or Instagram or Twitter. But I promise I’m not just crashing the #bookstagram party – I’m here for an actual reason. I’m so excited and honored to share that I’ve been working on a book of my own called You Gotta Want It, out today! In my book, I talk about how when I was in high school, I wasn’t much of a reader. I was paralyzed by page one, thinking about how many more pages would follow and how I was supposed to get through all of them. It didn’t help much that the textbooks and novels from a hundred years ago were hard to relate to, usually serious, and never, ever funny. I only wanted to read just the good parts, if there even were good parts. I even put a chapter in my book called “Just the Good Parts” that anyone can skip to, for people like me. You’re welcome, fellow slackers.

But this letter is to fans of Riveted, and you guys are serious readers. That’s totally cool with me, of course. There wouldn’t be much point in my writing a book, if the world didn’t have readers in it. If the whole world was a bunch of football-playing class clowns, there wouldn’t be a point in anyone writing a book. You might be asking the obvious question, then—why did I write it? If I’m not even a big reader, what could I possibly offer? That’s a fair question, and I hope you’ll give me a fair chance to answer it. You Gotta Want It is all about finding your path and living life the way you want to live it. I think it’s pretty extraordinary that an average jock, bro-type guy from Ohio could reach digital stardom and then get cast on Disney’s hottest new show. I’m living my dreams at nineteen, traveling the world, and creating the sickest content. How did it all happen for me? What were the chances I took? What were the lessons that carried me? Maybe most importantly, could this happen for anyone? And by this, it could be any dream—being a novelist, the lead in a Broadway play, first chair in the symphony, whatever is important to you. Everyone who achieves these things did what I did: they adapted and overcame. They got up one more time than they fell down. And they embraced the fact that “the grind never ends.” In my book, I talk about my low points, which might even be lower than most people’s, like a ten-day suspension from school, a court session in front of a judge, and getting sentenced forty hours of community service. You’ll also get all the details of my high points, the best being about how I met my homies and formed #Team10 – aka The Sickest Squad Around (I spotted Alissa in a mall and convinced her to move out to Cali; not even kidding).

And though there’s a ton of laughs and life lessons (aka, examples of what to do, but also what NOT to do) in my book, what I really want you guys to take away from my story is this: you can do whatever you want to do. If you reach for the stars and work your ass off, anything can happen. And I literally mean ANYTHING. I was just a normal kid who hated French class and was so over final exams, and now I’m on the red carpet. It’s so crazy. Some days I wake up and it still feels like a dream…but I’m loving every minute of it.

The theme of my life now is Drake’s song “We Made It.” You’re gonna make it too, but…

You Gotta Want It!

Love, Jake


GottaWantitGrowing up as a regular kid in Ohio, Jake Paul always knew he wanted to do something big, but he wasn’t sure what that thing was—that is, until he found his calling as one of Vine’s most famous comedians. As a high school sophomore, Jake began making comedy videos with his older brother, Logan, and posting them online. With every carefully staged prank, Jake and Logan’s following grew—and after a few stumbling blocks, Jake finally forged his own way. Eventually, he traded his childhood home in Cleveland for sunny, sparkling Hollywood. In You Gotta Want It, Jake reflects on the path that led him to stardom. From learning the value of a disciplined work ethic, to achieving his goals and aspirations along the way to digital celebrity, to the crazy behind-the-scenes details of his journey as a creator and actor, Jake relates the most hysterical and intimate details of his life thus far—all with the signature humor, honesty, and unstoppable attitude that have won him millions of devoted followers.

Read an Excerpt:

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