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Three Reasons to Check into the Hotel Ruby

August 24, 2016
Sarah Jane Abbott
Riveted Editorial Board

There’s something deliciously creepy about an historic, glamorous hotel. They’re a prime location for scary, twisty stories to play out.  If you’re like me and you loved movies like 1408 and The Shining and binge watched American Horror Story: Hotel, here are three reasons why you’ll want to check into the Hotel Ruby in Hotel for the Lost (Which you can read now for free, but only for a few more days!)

1. Creepy thirteenth floor

When Audrey and her family check into the Hotel Ruby, her dad and brother both end up in rooms on the sixth floor, but Audrey gets stuck with the beautiful but eerie room 1303. The mention of her room number seems to spark some kind of recognition and dread in the hotel staff she meets.  What is the secret of that room?  If you loved the foreboding hotel room in the movie 1408, you’ll be intrigued by Audrey’s accommodations too.

2. Glamorous and mysterious nightly party

When Audrey arrives at the hotel, she finds that there is a formal, invitation-only “anniversary” party held nightly in the ballroom. There are tuxedos and gall gowns and champagne, but what is the party for?  And why have Audrey’s brother and father received an invitation and she hasn’t?  The party, of course, reminded me of the party Jack Torrance ended up at in The Shining movie…or even the dancing ghosts in the ballroom of The Haunted Mansion.  But the party at Hotel Ruby gets bonus points for having a mysterious hot guy in attendance.

3. Luxurious hotel with a sinister past

When I imagine the Hotel Ruby, I think of the Cortez in American Horror Story: Hotel.  The Ruby itself is opulent and luxurious, with ornate iron gates, vintage furniture, oversized gilded mirrors, golden elevator doors, and more.  But underneath the beauty are dark and shocking secrets that Audrey will uncover during her stay at the hotel.

Sound like your ideal vacation spot? Then check out Hotel for The Lost for a creepy hotel to rival the Overlook, the Cortez, and the Dolphin Hotel, plus a shocking twist that will completely blow your mind.