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Shades of Darkness Paperback Reveal and Sequel Sneak Peek

August 12, 2016
Matt Pantoliano
Riveted Editorial Board

A. R. Kahler’s Shades of Darkness, the first book in his Ravenborn Trilogy, “successfully straddles the lines between realistic fiction, urban fantasy, and horror” (Booklist). And with their dash of magic and mythology, we thought these books would fit in quite nicely with our Summer of Weird!

We revealed the cover to the second book in the series, Echoes of Memory, earlier this year but since we are in LOVE with these covers, and since you may not have seen the updated design of the Shades of Darkness paperback, we wanted to give you a good look at all three. Plus, for a special treat: Echoes of Memory won’t be hitting bookstores until March 2017 but we’re excited to give you an exclusive early sneak peek!

Take a look at the covers and read chapter one of Echoes of Memory below. Have any thoughts on the shift in the design from the Shades of Darkness hardcover to paperback?  Or any early thoughts on the Echoes of Memory teaser?  Let us know in the comments!

Shades Of Darkness Hardcover:


Shades Of Darkness Paperback (Available December 2016):


Echoes of Memory Hardcover (Available March 14, 2017):


Echoes of Memory sneak peek!

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