Beyond Weird: Strangest Gravestones

August 8, 2016
Julie Jarema
Riveted Editorial Board

We can’t all live in a funeral home, drive a hearse, or give ghost tours like Megan Henske in the haunted, hilarious novel Just Kill Me by Adam Selzer. But we can all appreciate the elaborate headstones that exist in the world from the safety of our computer screens. Why would you just choose a marble slab when you could be commemorated by one of these?


Fernand Arbelot wanted to gaze at his wife for eternity.

Fernand Arbelot tombstone

It ain’t over till it’s over…Is it over?

Pool table gravestone


Still waiting for an upgrade

Computer tombstone


Might as well get comfy if you’re going to be there a while

Empty chair


Fell asleep reading

Carolina Walter


To keep the grave robbers out…or to keep the zombies in?

This grave design from the Victorian era was meant to prevent the dead from escaping the grave. You know, just in case they were zombies or vampires.


Crying over all those piano lessons

Piano memorial


Together forever

Endless love, from Thailand.



This one is strange, but still manages to be so tragic. That poor little girl...


We are in the future

I'm not even sure what I should say about this one.


Hide and seek?

Sealing himself in.


Not going anywhere fast

This is the last remaining grave from an old cemetery in rural Indiana. Most of the graveyard was moved to make way for the state highway. The grandson of the woman buried there refused to have his grandmother moved. The county eventually gave in and built the road around the grave.


All the relatives are here. Now it’s a party.

john milburn davis sarah davis weird graves


This clothespin factory owner wanted to put a real spring inside of his grave so kids could play on it.


So young, so sweet


Kiss me goodbye—it’s been a Wilde ride!

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