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Tara’s Epic Break-Up Playlist

June 29, 2016
Tara Grieco
Riveted Editorial Board

There is absolutely nothing that gets you through a break-up like music. When you need to tune out the world and just be with yourself and your heartache, music is perfect. It’s also ideal for getting you pumped up and ready to meet someone new/better. Hey, sometimes your heart is in a good place, but you just want to sing a beautiful, heartfelt ballad. I get you. That’s why I made this playlist. Mostly for you guys. (But also for myself.)

This playlist has been carefully curated over approximately five serious break-ups, at least a dozen crush disappointments, and ten years. (Thank goodness Beyonce has been making music since the 90’s.)  I like to switch up moods throughout, so you have a song for all the phases of your break-up: sorrow, independence, loneliness, new haircut, heartbreak, rediscovery of your awesomeness, etc. I also make sure to include various genres, because most of us like everything from pop to punk to folk. And there are plenty of songs on here to fill your whole day. 

I can’t let this playlist go up with a minor footnote: there is no Taylor Swift on it. That’s because T-Swift breaks our hearts by not being on Spotify, but we won’t forget that she is one of the Queens of Break-Up Songs. Here are some of my faves:


I also can’t forget Lemonade, and The Break Up Song to Rule All Other Break Up Songs: 

Sorry by Queen Bey – “Dust to side chicks.”

I hope you enjoy! And remember to sing in the shower.

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