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Announcing Riveted Summer!

June 6, 2016
The Riveted Team
Believe In Your Shelf

It’s officially June, which means it’s time for us to launch Riveted Summer! What does this mean? It means we have a summer full of content planned and heading your way starting today!

Here’s why Riveted Summer is so exciting:

Themed Reading Weeks

We’ve broken the summer into six categories: besties, letting go, fantasy, nerds, weird, and twists. For two weeks we’ll be featuring books and content around the various themes. For instance, besties week? We’ll be featuring and talking about books that are all about best friends!

Four Free Full Reads

Our themes last for two weeks each, and during those two week time periods we’ll have four entire books open to read for free on Riveted! (Normally we only have two full reads at a time, so throughout the summer you’ll have twice as many books to choose from!)

Exclusive Content

We’re working with authors and bloggers to bring you exclusive content that revolves around our themed weeks! So be ready for an influx of fun! From lists to quizzes we have a lot planned and ready to go!

Check out our Riveted Summer Reads Schedule below!

We have it all planned out, so take a look and see what reads we have coming your way throughout the summer!


Which weeks are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!

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