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What I Learned from Walk the Edge

April 11, 2016
Shifa Kapadwala
Riveted Editorial Board

If you’re a fan of contemporary teen romance and haven’t yet picked up a Katie McGarry book, you need to pick one up immediately because her books are life changing—and I don’t just say this because I’m a die-hard Katie McGarry fan, I say it because it’s true!

Every single character Katie has written is memorable, from Pushing the Limits series to the amazing Thunder Road series that’s raced away with my heart. In Walk the Edge, Katie gives us two new characters to root for, Razor and Breanna, who are honestly my most favorite people yet (most especially Razor)! The incredibly detailed language puts you right into every scene, from the fluttering sensation of butterflies in your stomach when Razor and Breanna kiss, to the adrenaline rush in your veins and fear tingling down your spine when Razor’s on a security run or when Breanna is cornered by Kyle.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread my favorite scenes–this will probably be that one book on my shelf that I’ll need two copies of so I won’t feel bad when the cover falls off from one of them from how much I’ll reread it.

The best thing about the Thunder Road series is that although it centers on a motorcycle club that a majority of us don’t experience or grow up with, every single thing the characters learn are so relatable and teach us what it is to actually be human.

So here are three key things you can learn from Walk the Edge:

1. Accept your flaws.

Fox | Source Shmacked Mag

Razor and Breanna are both flawed characters that carry their own scars. But instead of running away from each other because of their flaws, they form a trusting bond and face their demons together, becoming an inspiration for every reader.

2. Truth over Judgement.

Warner Brothers | Via Tumblr

No one looks at the Reign of Terror kindly in the small town of Kentucky, and even Breanna has been taught to stay away, but when Razor’s protectiveness challenges her misconceptions, things change for the both of them in a beautiful way.

3. Trust your love.

Lucasfilm | Source Tumblr

Trust is an important part of every relationship, especially with those you love. Though Razor loves the Terror and knows they would die for him, he struggles with trusting them and ultimately ends up putting himself and Breanna in a difficult situation.

In their journey packed with dangerous attraction, sizzling romance, and heart tugging emotions, Razor and Breanna learn this and a lot more about their surroundings, about each other, and most importantly, about themselves. Told through writing that’s absolutely captivating and unputdownable with scenes you’ll want to read over and over, Walk the Edge touches all the right emotions and leaves you on your knees begging for so much more.

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