Void the Size of the World

Author Guest Post

What’s the Life of an Author Like?

Life of an author
by Rachele Alpine

When I do school visits, one of the first questions I get asked is, “What is the life of an author like?” It’s a good question. History has often portrayed writers in the past as solitary people who are lost in their words and walk through life scrawling ideas down on scrap pieces of paper. […]

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7 Tales of Missing Sisters

missing sister
by Casey Nugent

I just finished Rachele Alpine’s novel A Void the Size of the World, and I am still in awe. The book follows Rhylee, who’s forced to grapple with her sister Abby’s disappearance. The thing is that Abby’s disappearance is indirectly Rhylee’s fault. Abby caught Rhylee kissing Abby’s boyfriend Tommy and fled into the woods heartbroken…and […]

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9 Haunting & Mysterious Disappearances

riveted - disappearances
by Julie Jarema

In A Void the Size of the World, Abby runs away into the woods behind her house and disappears. I’ve never been worried about going missing, but this book definitely left new thoughts and fears lingering on in my mind. In an effort to deal with this continuing paranoia, I fell down an internet rabbit […]

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Summer 2017 Cover Reveals Day 2

by The Riveted Team

It’s Day Two of our Summer 2017 cover reveals (#RivetedRevealSU17)! Today, we’re introducing you to Rachele Alpine’s A Void the Size of the World (July 4, 2017) and Amanda K. Morgan’s Such a Good Girl (June 20, 2017). These two contemporary YA novels have a common thread in forbidden romance: in A Void the Size […]

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