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24 Swoonworthy Romances

great teen romance books
by Janine Perez

If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that I am a huge romantic (it’s even in my bio)! Though I’ll read any genre, I really prefer that every book I read have some type of romance in it. I love seeing the grand gestures of romance, and the cute little interactions between characters. I relish seeing sparks fly in […]

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5 Times Friendship Turned to Romance

by Danielle Finnegan

One of my favorite types of romances to read in YA are friendships that turn into something more. While I love an insta-romance as much as the next person, relationships that start as a friendship are always so believable and heartfelt. Once I finish the book, I have no doubts that the couple will stay […]

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End of 2016 MEGA Book Giveaway!

by The Riveted Team

We are determined to send 2016 out on a high note, and what better way to do that than with a MEGA book giveaway?! One lucky person will win TWELVE books—one major book from each month this year. Say hello to 2017 by reading some of the best books of 2016! The End of 2016 […]

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