Two Roads from here


How to Make Difficult Decisions

by Casey Nugent

For most of my life, I’ve been terrible at decision making. As a child, I was perfectly content to lay back and let other people make my choices for me. I never participated in the “what should we have for dinner” arguments with my family, I let my friends choose our after school hang out destinations, […]

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Author Guest Post

Behind the Book: Two Roads from Here

by Teddy Steinkellner

The newly released, Two Roads from Here by Teddy Steinkellner follows five high school seniors, through two different roads, and one life-changing decision. Teddy stopped by today to discuss some hard decision he, like his characters, had to make in his life. Stop by next week because Two Roads from Here might be an upcoming featured […]

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Book News

Cover Reveal: Two Roads from Here

by The Riveted Team

We posted our Summer 2017 cover reveals last September but we’ve still got a handful that didn’t get their reveal moment and Teddy Steinkellner’s Two Roads From Here is one of them! Are you a fan of Tommy Wallach or Patrick Ness? Or how about that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow?  Have you ever […]

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