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Cover Reveal: Here Lies Daniel Tate

by The Riveted Team

Though we posted our Summer 2017 cover reveals back in September, there have still been a handful of upcoming summer titles sporting “Cover to be Revealed” messaging while all of the folks behind the scenes have continued to tweak and fine tune (and sometimes even scrap designs entirely and redesign!). We certainly don’t envy the […]

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For the True Crime Fan

true crime header
by Keri Horan

I’ll be the first to admit I was (and am still) on the Serial band wagon. I got so swept up in the first season of Serial, I immediately started looking for tons of books and podcasts in the same vein. Lucky for me, it’s the month of Ellen Hopkins here at Riveted, so I’ve […]

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Scythe Book Trailer!

by Janine Perez

Neal Shusterman’s chilling new novel, Scythe, the first in a brand new series, is FINALLY on sale! If you haven’t heard about it, let me give you the rundown: in a futuristic Utopian society where disease, war, poverty, and even old age have been eradicated, controlling population growth is left to a small group of […]

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