Feral Youth

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13 Survival Novels That Taught Us to Fear & Respect the Wilderness

by Jill Hacking

If there’s one thing I love a ridiculous amount, it’s survival stories—whether that be surviving post-apocalyptic zombies or surviving the elements on a wilderness adventure gone awry. There’s something really compelling about the human will to survive against insane obstacles. It’s especially nice to experience this ultimate sense of danger from the safety of my […]

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Book News

Fall 2017 Cover Reveals: Day 4

by The Riveted Team

As the headline suggests, it’s Day Four of our cover reveals! (#RivetedRevealFA17) We’ve got two more for today and they share little in common beyond the fact that 1. They’ll both be on sale September 5, 2017, and 2. They’re both going to be amazing! First, we have Feral Youth, a multi-authored novel in ten […]

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