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4 Super-Powered YA Characters You Need to Know

The Mara Dyer Triology by Michelle Hodkin
by Danielle Finnegan

Superpowers? Sign me up! I’ve seen every superhero movie possible from the Batman classics to the most current Marvel movies. I can’t get enough of these stories of everyday people gaining superpowers that ultimately save the world. Whatever movies can do, books can do EVEN BETTER. Here’s a list of my favorite YA characters with superpowers. […]

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Which FATE OF FLAMES Effigy Are You? Quiz

by Tara Grieco

Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley is not your everyday Superhero story. In this brand new novel, the only people who can save the world from the massive beasts who are terrorizing the world are four teenage girls. One girl for each element: fire, wind, air, and water. And not all of them are excited about being […]

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Female “Chosen Ones”

by Alice Min

From Frodo Baggins to Harry Potter to Anakin Skywalker, boys often get to be “The Chosen One.” Plucked by fate and prophecy, these boys get to save the world. Us girls, unfortunately, frequently get relegated to romantic interests or sidekicks—if we’re even present. Even when women are chosen by fate, they’re often lambasted by fandoms […]

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