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How The You I’ve Never Known Cover Came to Be

by The Riveted Team

Ellen Hopkins’s The You I’ve Never Known just went on sale yesterday (1/24) and there’s no doubt that it’s going to make a huge impact on everyone who reads it (we’re featuring an extended excerpt so definitely check it out). Ellen’s books have always been known for being hard-hitting and powerful and The You I’ve […]

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Book List

12 YA Books in Verse You Need to Read

by Sarah Jane Abbott

Ever since I read my first Ellen Hopkins book in high school, I’ve loved novels written in verse. From the beautiful language to the raw emotion, they’re often as moving as they are fun to read. If you too are a fan of verse, hopefully you’ve been following along with our Month of Ellen Hopkins […]

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The Complete Collection of Ellen Hopkins Giveaway!

by The Riveted Team

Ellen Hopkins is more than an author; she’s a legend. Her books have pushed the envelope for Young Adult literature, allowing YA readers to find their own difficult struggles in books. Though many of her novels have been banned (usually by adults who don’t think teens need literature that addresses the difficult parts of life), that has never stopped her […]

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Author Guest Post

Behind the Book: Burned and The Heart of Feminism

good books for teens
by Ellen Hopkins

Burned is, in part, a story about women forced into subservient roles by men whose religion feeds their conviction that females are not only inferior, but little more than possessions. In this all too real scenario, the alcoholic father physically and emotionally assaults his wife and daughters, believing it’s his absolute right to do so. […]

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For the True Crime Fan

by Keri Horan

I’ll be the first to admit I was (and am still) on the Serial band wagon. I got so swept up in the first season of Serial, I immediately started looking for tons of books and podcasts in the same vein. Lucky for me, it’s the month of Ellen Hopkins here at Riveted, so I’ve […]

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The Month of Ellen Hopkins!

great books for teens
by Janine Perez

This month, we have a little something special for you: in anticipation of Ellen Hopkins’s latest YA, The You I’ve Never Known, coming out later this month, we’re designating January as the Month of Ellen Hopkins! If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about (and there is MUCH to fuss about with Ellen’s […]

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