Beauty and the Beast


Unpopular Opinions: The Beauty and the Beast Movie

beauty and the beast
by Janine Perez

You probably already know this, but the live action remake of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast on Friday.  Everyone is losing their minds about it, especially because Emma Watson is playing Belle. Which is great because she IS Belle. I mean, look at her: But I’m about to get really real. Everyone’s looking at this movie with hearts […]

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Riveted Original

7 Of Our Favorite Fictional Libraries

by Shifa Kapadwala

You know that super excited feeling you get when you enter a library? It’s like you’ve entered a land of possibilities and worlds just waiting to be explored! We’ve all got our ideal libraries that we’ve either seen or read about.  Below are some of our favorites! What are yours? Harry Potter Because of course, […]

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