Throne of Glass

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Throne of Glass

By Sarah J. Maas

In a land without magic, where the king rules with an iron hand, an assassin is summoned to the castle. She comes not to kill the king, but to win her freedom. If she defeats twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition, she is released from prison to serve as the king's champion. Her name is Celaena Sardothien.

The Crown Prince will provoke her. The Captain of the Guard will protect her. But something evil dwells in the castle of glass--and it's there to kill. When her competitors start dying one by one, Celaena's fight for freedom becomes a fight for survival, and a desperate quest to root out the evil before it destroys her world.

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38 Responses to Throne of Glass TV #Braincast

  1. Celaena/Aelin: Daisy Ridley
    Nehemia: Deepika Padukone
    Dorian: Matthew Daddario
    Chaol: Sean Teale
    Sam: Ryan Guzman
    Manon: Emily Browning
    Sorscha: Kelsey Asbille
    Arobynn: Luke Evans
    Lysandra: Scarlett Brynne
    Rowan: Justin Hartley or Teddy Sears
    Aedion: Trevor Donovan
    Queen Elena: Arielle Kebbel

    • Spenix404 says:

      Luke Evans would make a good Arobynn. I also like your pick for Aedion and Ryan Guzman would be good for Rowan.

    • lozwozhere9 says:

      I agree with Claire Holt playing Celaena/Aelin. She suits it better.

    • kbritton20 says:

      Celaena/Aelin: Claire Holt/ Cara Delevingne
      Nehemia: Deepika Padukone or Kat Graham
      Dorian: Matthew Daddario
      Chaol: Ryan Guzman
      Sam: Julian Morris
      Manon: Scarlett Brynne
      Sorscha: Shay Mitchell
      Arobynn: Teddy Sears
      Lysandra: Teresa Palmer/Arielle Kebbel
      Rowan: Chris Hemsworth/Justin Hartley
      Aedion: Trevor Donovan
      Queen Elena: Cate Blanchet
      Perrington: Sam Heughan
      King of Adarlan: Anthony Head
      Elide: Adelaid Kane
      Lorcan:Alexander Skarsgard

      • kbritton20 says:

        and if Celaena/Aelin isn’t played by Cara Delevingne, she should definitely play Lysandra or Manon or another character (She should be in the show as someone bcz she is amazing)

    • Stageprincess_13 says:

      I think Orlando bloom would make a good Rowan. Also like the pick for Aelin/Celaena

  2. vampirelover94 says:

    I loved the book Throne of Glass it was amazing I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

  3. masstrash says:

    I agree with them all except the person playing Rown.

  4. eviemondo says:

    I agree with all of them except Nehemia. I think she should be played by Kat Graham

  5. mrsedman says:

    I agree with except Celaena should be Cara Delevingne and Nehemia should be played by China Anne McClain.

  6. Spenix404 says:

    I agree with all of them except Rowan. Justin Hartley, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Evans would make a good Rowan!!

  7. afp2001 says:

    I agree with all of them but not with Nehemia and Rowan. Nehemia could be Kat Graham and Rowan Chris Hemsworth

  8. kela852 says:

    Ok actually I’ve been doing some casting of my own and i think Nehemia should be played by Kylie Bunbury. Also I can’t contradict if either Aelin or Manon should be played by Teresa Palmer. But I do think that Lysandra should be played by Emilia Clarke and Aedion played by Chris Hemsworth. And then his father Gavriel played by Bradley Cooper. Then Fenrys by Aaron Johnson and Elide by Adelaid Kane. Thats as far as I got for my fantasy casting but I’m still working on it.

  9. HelloKitty says:

    Chris Hemsworth as Rowan and Teresa Palmer as Celeana

  10. lozwozhere9 says:

    Nehemia should be Kat Graham.
    She has much more experience and fits better with the character than Lupita Lyong’o

  11. Emaline D. says:

    I agree that we need someone else to play Rowan, but I love the Claire Holt idea! I have more ideas I would love to email you about, so please contact me!

  12. Tilleah says:

    Celaena/Aelin: Cara Delevingne/Claire Holt
    Nehemia Ytger: Vanessa Hudgens
    Dorian: Daniel Sharman
    Chaol: Colton Haynes
    Sam: Ryan Guzman
    Manon: Li Bingbing
    Sorscha: Shay Mitchell
    Arobynn: Luke Evans
    King of Adarlan: Anthony Head
    Lysandra: Holland Roden
    Rowan: Chris Hemsworth
    Aedion: Freddie Stroma
    Elena: Cate Blanchett
    Perrington: Sam Heughan

  13. aelinashryver says:

    I don’t think that guy should play Rowan…

    I was thinking gaspard ulliel

  14. moni.024 says:

    This is just my opinion

    Celaena/Aelin: Dove Cameron/ Natalie Dormer
    Nehemia Ytger: Kylie Bunbury
    Dorian: Joshua Anthony Brand/Aaron Johnson
    Chaol: Theo James
    Sam: Ryan Guzman
    Manon: Teresa Palmer
    Sorscha: Shay Mitchell
    Arobynn: Micheal Fassbender
    King of Adarlan: Anthony Head
    Lysandra: Marie Avgeropoulos
    Rowan: Armie hammer/ Jason Mamoa /Charlie Hunnam
    Aedion: Christopher Mason
    Elena: Cate Blanchett
    Perrington: Sam Heughan

    I’ve seen a lot of comments and post about Cara Delevingne being dream casted as Aelin I just feel like she isn’t the right fit for her because her acting in Valerian as well as Suicide Squad

    • moni.024 says:

      To add on, I absolutely love this series when I’m imagining Aelin I don’t picture her as Cara Delevingne don’t get me wrong she is a good actor/ model but at the same time I just don’t think that she could portray Aelin as the character we all know and love from this series.
      I think she could be suited more as maybe Manon

  15. Lane22 says:

    Joe Manganiello-Choal
    Jason Mamoa(aka Drogo)-Rowan

  16. saramccain3 says:

    Celaena/Aelin should be Jennifer Lawernce or Cara Delevingne
    Choal should be Colton Haynes
    Sam should be Zach Roerig
    Arobynn should be Teddy Spears
    Rowan should be Justin Hartley
    Aedion should be Freddie Stroma
    On all the other characters i agree with the original choices except Dorian and Elena i think the pick for Elena could play meave

  17. Buchagirl says:
    Danielle C. Ryan as Celaena!!!
    Formerly Danielle Chuchran

  18. 18brad says:

    Rowan Whitethorn – Orlando Bloom

  19. Okay I don’t like Rowan or Sorscha. I kinda pictured Sorscha as a red head but idk… Luke Evans as Arobynn would be fab. I SWEAR IF ROWAN IS ORLANDO BLOOM AND AROBYNN IS LUKE EVANS ITS GONNA SCREW ME UP SO BAD

  20. I also pictured Nehemia as Indian.. or maybe Kylie Bunbury? Arobynn also could be Teddy Spears….

  21. Silly.sl22 says:

    Celaena/Aelin – Sarah Gadon
    Nehemia – Kylie Bunbury
    Chaol – Theo James
    Sam – Brenton Thwaites
    Arobynn – Michael Fassbender/Luke Evans
    Aedion – Chris Hemsworth

  22. alyssat1124 says:

    This is my favorite book series and i think Chaol and Rowan should be switched, so Colton Haynes as Rowan and Alexander Skarsgard as Chaol. Claire Holt being Aelin is a great idea and Li Bingbing is perfect for Manon, but I always pictured Sorscha having red-ish hair.

  23. 04camelr says:

    David Dastmilchian would be the BEST Duke Perrington

  24. 04camelr says:

    Joshua Anthony Brand should play Sam Cortland

  25. 04camelr says:

    Simon Baker for Arobynn Hamel

  26. Celaena says:

    Chris Hemsworth for Rowan, since he’s a feared, warrior Fae male))

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