Rainbow Boys

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Rainbow Boys

By Alex Sanchez

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Jason Carrillo is a jock with a steady girlfriend, but he can't stop dreaming about sex...with other guys.

Kyle Meeks doesn't look gay, but he is. And he hopes he never has to tell anyone -- especially his parents.

Nelson Glassman is "out" to the entire world, but he can't tell the boy he loves that he wants to be more than just friends.

Three teenage boys, coming of age and out of the closet. In a revealing debut novel that percolates with passion and wit, Alex Sanchez follows these very different high-school seniors as their struggles with sexuality and intolerance draw them into a triangle of love, betrayal, and ultimately, friendship.

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3 Responses to 17 Important Books That Address Mental Health Topics

  1. Sennebec says:

    Excellent suggestions. I’ve shared it on Facebook.

  2. labraden says:

    I would add the book, I Made You Up, by Francesca Zappia.

  3. alyssayuri says:

    Oooohhhh! This set of books are nice!

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