Michael Vey 7: The Final Spark

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Michael Vey 7: The Final Spark

By Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey is missing and it’s up to the Electroclan to find him in this electrifying seventh installment of the New York Times bestselling series!

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4 Responses to Michael Vey 7: The Final Spark

  1. Bluefin says:

    Does anyone have any conspiracies?

  2. ENC science says:

    What does it mean by free e-book when you sign up for e-mail? Because this is deffenitly a book I want.

  3. ENC science says:

    I have a conspiracy theory for you bluefin Hatch secretly had children but thought it would make him look weak so he hid them away. His children are slowly taking over the Elgen that has been renamed Veytric. They are hungry for vengance and want to take out the remaining members of the Electroclan. Only the children of all the Electrics can defeat them and save their parents from certain death.

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