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How To Know If You’re Being Abducted By Aliens

by Tara Grieco

Have bizarre things been happening all around you that make you ask yourself…Am I being abducted by aliens? Maybe you just watched too many episodes of Stranger Things, or maybe you really are the UFOs’ chosen one! Take this checklist quiz and find out! And be sure to read an Extended Excerpt of We Are The Ants […]

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25 Essential Reads for the Weird at Heart

by Isa Caban

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I personally love to flaunt my weird every chance I get. If presented with the choice to be normal or weird, I CHOOSE WEIRD HANDS DOWN! This is true for my taste in books too. Give me reads filled with wacky plots, unusual characters, […]

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Weird Places IRL

by Julie Jarema

Have your exciting summer plans melted into a puddle of bizarrely colored ice cream? Are you bored with the same old trips to the pool and the mall? Do you wish that you could bring the absurdity of fictional worlds into reality?* In keeping with our Summer of Weird, I started pondering some of the […]

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Summer of Weird Giveaway!

by The Riveted Team

It’s week one of Summer of Weird! We hope you’re enjoying our featured reads and especially our two featured excerpts, We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson and Just Kill Me by Adam Selzer! If you’ve read through the excerpts and are clamoring for more, you’re in luck: to celebrate the Summer of Weird, […]

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Behind the Book

Behind the Book | Just Kill Me & H.H. Holmes

by Adam Selzer

Get a behind the scenes look at Adam Selzer’s, Just Kill Me as he gives you a look at a real life ghost tour stop featured in his new book! (And gives you a little bit of a lesson on H.H. Holmes, the man known as “America’s First Serial Killer.”) Take a look: In the course of human […]

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Featured Reads

Summer of Weird Reads: 8/1—8/14

by The Riveted Team

Welcome to Riveted’s Summer of Weird! Our Riveted Summer is rolling along and for the next two weeks, we’re all about keeping YA weird! What makes a YA book “weird?”  They’re books that are out of the ordinary, unique, veer from what you’d expect….. look, it’s tough to define but we know it when we […]

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