Pusheen Giveaway!

Great books for teens
by The Riveted Team

Everyone loves Pusheen, including the Riveted team! Are you with us in thinking she might be the cutest little kitten on the planet? Are you obsessed with seeing little gifs and memes of her? Then you should enter our Pusheen Giveaway! If you often use the Pusheen sticker in your Facebook conversations, happen to own a mug […]

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NaNoWriMo: Now What?

by Keri Horan

Happy second-to-last day of NaNoWriMo!!! Now that the month is (almost) over, take a second to celebrate your achievements, whether you got to 500 words or 50,000 words. Great, excellent job. Now that that’s done, let’s talk about what happens next. Keep Going! So many of us completely and utterly failed to hit 50,000 words […]

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Riveted Reads: Week of 11/28

Weekly Reads11.28
by The Riveted Team

This week on Riveted, we’ve got a little something for everyone! Get a sneak peek at our new forbidden romance Stay with Me by Mila Gray. Then get lost in a full read of her previous novel Come Back to Me! If you’re looking to make your heart race in a different way, we’ve got […]

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Female “Chosen Ones”

by Alice Min

From Frodo Baggins to Harry Potter to Anakin Skywalker, boys often get to be “The Chosen One.” Plucked by fate and prophecy, these boys get to save the world. Us girls, unfortunately, frequently get relegated to romantic interests or sidekicks—if we’re even present. Even when women are chosen by fate, they’re often lambasted by fandoms […]

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Scythe Book Trailer!

by Janine Perez

Neal Shusterman’s chilling new novel, Scythe, the first in a brand new series, is FINALLY on sale! If you haven’t heard about it, let me give you the rundown: in a futuristic Utopian society where disease, war, poverty, and even old age have been eradicated, controlling population growth is left to a small group of […]

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Which Author Would YOU Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?

by Isa Caban

Turkey Day is almost here and I’m SO ready to eat all of the things! Aside from marshmallow yams, corn bread stuffing, and the premiere of the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix, the only thing that could make this Thanksgiving even more awesome is if I could stuff my face alongside one of my favorite […]

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Riveted Original

Authors, What Are You Thankful For?

by Aubrey Churchward

We here at Riveted have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season: warm cups of coffee, that new book smell, cozy libraries, energetic YA fans, and so much more. Most importantly, we’re thankful for all of the awesome authors who make our reading experience so great! They’re the creators who take us to new […]

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Lit-ception: 6 Books Within Books

by Diego Molano Rodriguez

The story of Charlie the Choo-Choo and his best friend Engineer Bob has leapt off the pages of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series and is now available to haunt the dreams of fans of all things creepy! In honor of Charlie the Choo-Choo’s release, the Riveted staff has put together a list of their […]

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