Killin’ Folks & Breakin’ Stuff with Adam Selzer

by The Riveted Team

Author Adam Selzer has been keeping us entertained throughout August with his Behind the Book videos for Just Kill Me, his latest novel about a ghost tour guide who makes places more haunted by killing people at them.  Adam, a ghost tour guide himself, has been giving us a behind the scenes look each week […]

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60 Days Until THE DIABOLIC!

by The Riveted Team

We absolutely LOVE S. J. Kincaid’s The Diabolic and we’re pretty confident you will too!  So much so that we’re going to be talking about The Diabolic A LOT. Every week until it’s on sale, in fact (And likely long after too!) With just 60 days until The Diabolic lands in bookstores everywhere, we thought […]

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Why Aren’t There More Girl Squads in YA?

by Isa Caban

September 1st marks the start of International Women’s Friendship Month and today, I am reminded that nothing makes my heart happier than to see women rally around one another.Growing up, I’ll admit I didn’t have a ton of friends who were girls. It wasn’t because I was one of those girls who swore off having […]

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Riveted Original

Favorite Books of the Stranger Things characters

by Aubrey Churchward

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve no-doubt heard of (and probably binged watched) Netflix’s new original series Stranger Things. Filled with spine-tingling suspense, precocious child actors, and a premise that will keep you guessing, Stranger Things is a captivating story that pays homage to the 1980s and the works of John Carpenter, […]

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Riveted Summer Mega Giveaway!

by The Riveted Team

We are so sad to see our Riveted Summer end, but we’re going to send it off with a BANG! The Riveted Summer Mega Giveaway is one of our BIGGEST. GIVEAWAYS. YET! One lucky person will win our Mega Prize Pack, which includes every book we’ve given away this summer! That’s right, one person will […]

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Author Guest Post

Behind the Book: Tell Me Something Real

by Calla Devlin

Calla Devlin’s debut novel Tell Me Something Real, described by Kirkus Reviews in a starred review as “hands-down one of a kind,” goes on sale today (August 30)!  Dive into this powerful novel with our exclusive extended excerpt and read on below for a glimpse behind the book from the author herself. ___________ When I […]

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