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6 Books with Multiple Perspectives

by Nicole Fiorica

Whenever I start a book with more than one point of view, I always know I’m in for something special. Through the eyes of more than one character, the world of the story suddenly has twice (or three or more) times the dimension, and as a reader, we are privileged with that much more information […]

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7 Easy Last-Minute Bookish Halloween Costumes

by Casey Nugent

Confession time: I’m bad at Halloween. I never plan ahead and it always sneaks up on me. I’m the girl who wears jeans and a t-shirt to the Halloween party and then tries to make up a costume around it — oh, yeah, I’m totally Jessica Jones, haven’t you watched it yet? If you’re like […]

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New Dark Artifices Book in 2018!!

Lady Midnight
by Janine Perez

If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s the Dark Artifices series. Yes, I love all the Shadowhunters novels, but the Dark Artifices series is still coming out, which means I’m STILL WONDERING ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN! I’m hanging onto every word that Cassandra Clare says about the series and adding it into my little […]

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5 Creepy YA Books for Fans of Stephen King

by Sarah Jane Abbott

Stephen King is truly having a moment. From Hollywood movie adaptions like The Dark Tower and It to TV shows like Mr. Mercedes to his bestselling new novel Sleeping Beauties, cowritten with his son Owen, his work truly is everywhere. But what should you do once you’ve seen the adaptions and read the books and are looking […]

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Like Try Why

Like Riverdale? Try this!

by Jill Hacking

Like this? Try this! Why? There are few things I like more on a fall evening than curling up to a good dark prep/boarding school drama, and these two series check the boxes. And while Riverdale isn’t technically about a boarding school, its retro vibe hits somewhere pleasingly similar. The dark, thriller-y, high school setting […]

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10 Most Useful Runes (In Our Opinion)

City of bones 10th anniversary edition
by Jess Harold

Shadowhunters runes are an aesthetic answer to enhance the powers of those who keep the world safe from the supernatural. I have a few tattoos, but unfortunately the only power they give me is that ability to look really cool. Still, I think runes would be SO USEFUL in real life and I honestly wish […]

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