10 #OwnVoices Novels You Need to Read Right Now

by Lili Feinberg

Diversity in YA is being championed like never before, and we’re totally here for it! So we wanted to take a moment to recommend some #OwnVoices reads to diversify your bookshelves. For a book to be categorized as an #OwnVoices novel, it has to feature a main character who shares the marginalized identity of the […]

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Top 5 Fan-Favorite Jem Carstairs Moments

by The Riveted Team

  Let’s be honest. Every one has a soft spot for the silver-haired violin-playing Shadowhunter, Jem Carstairs. Even as Brother Zachariah, we just couldn’t get enough of him. Thankfully Ghosts of the Shadow Market comes out in just a few weeks and everyone gets to enjoy an entire book filled with the adventures of Jem […]

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13 Books That Will Make You Laugh

by The Riveted Team

What’s not to love about a book that makes you laugh? When we’re not binging sitcoms online or re-watching our favorite rom coms, you can find us with our nose in a book full of good hearted humor. Whether it’s the relatable awkward years a main character has to suffer through, or the funny antics […]

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