Must-Read Books That Went on Sale in January 2019

by Amanda Livingston

Every January, with the start of the new year, we find ourselves making resolutions, promising that this year will be better than the last. Since 2018 kicked all of our butts, mentally, emotionally, and physically, I think we were all in dire need of a fresh start and new books!. So, a happy (albeit, belated) […]

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Which Shadowhunters Series Do You Belong In?

by The Riveted Team

As a fan of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters books, you’ve probably pictured yourself fighting demons (or hiding and reading) alongside your favorite characters. But which of the Shadowhunters series do you most belong in? Take this quiz to find out! Which Shadowhunters Series Do You Belong In? Not sure where to start reading? Check out our […]

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5 Books to Read If You Love The Walking Dead

by Devin MacDonald

Whether you’re sticking with the survivors you still hold dear until the bitter end or you tapped out with the unceremonious departure of the one you held dearest (😭Glenn😭), we’ve got just the gritty tale of survival for you. Check out these five books that are sure to grip you by the zombie-loving heart: 5 […]

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Books to Read If You Miss Your Favorite TV Show

by Christian Vega

I’m sure you have a favorite TV show that you miss terribly. Even for the shows we love that are on break until the next season, it still feels like you’re waiting forever. When you find yourself missing your faves, we suggest you pick up a book that’s similar to fill that TV-shaped void in […]

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