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Gift Books for the Sci-Fi Fan Sweepstakes

December 5, 2017
The Riveted Team
YA Fiction Is Our Addiction

The holidays are almost here, and that means it’s time to get your friends THE BEST gifts! But sometimes picking out the right gift is hard, especially when your bookish friend has all the bookish things already and books can get a bit expensive. Sure, one good book makes a nice and respectable gift, but a bunch of books would be even better!

Now we’re giving you the opportunity to win the PERFECT gift for your sci-fi loving friend (or for yourself…no judgement!). One lucky winner will get copies of: Scythe, This Mortal Coil, Zero Repeat Forever, Want, Diabolic, Empress, and The Program.

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49 Responses to Gift Books for the Sci-Fi Fan Sweepstakes

  1. Vicky says:

    I would totally give this to myself, not gonna lie…

    I really want to read Scythe, The Program, and Want and I absolutely ADORE Zero Repeat Forever, The Diabolic Series, & This Mortal Coil. ADORE. #simonteenscifiisthebest

    I would give away the copy of The Diabolic because I already have one (although two doesn’t sound too bad…) hehe

  2. NBC913 says:

    I would definitely give this to myself, no shame! All of these books are on my TBR!

  3. Luthien14 says:

    100% I’d gift this to myself (sorry not sorry) as I’m the only fantasy/sci-fi reader in my group of friends and family.
    Also, I read an ARC of This Mortal Coil earlier this year and adored it!

  4. dhammelef says:

    These books are on my must read list, so I’d gift them to myself.

  5. bookbunny68 says:

    For myself. My daughters are not sci-fi fans.

  6. karabayleaves says:

    I’d definitely gift them to myself, but share them with my Silent Book Club after I read them.

  7. I’d request them for myself, but then unwittingly start giving them away to students who were interested or who need a new book before I do.

  8. neonstarlight says:

    Me! 😀 I love scifi!

  9. ahyperboliclife says:

    I would give the books to my sister! She’s a big reader like me, and we’ve both gotten into scifi more over the past year.

  10. cyborgcinderella says:

    Ngl I would totally give this to myself 😅

  11. AlaskaEll says:

    My nephew and I share Sci-Fi books, so I’ll split between us, so we both can enjoy all of them. 😀

  12. cris420 says:

    I would split them up among different people but I’d have to keep one or two for myself,.

  13. Krlga00 says:

    I have scythe already(loved it!) So I would give that to my cousin but I would keep the rest to feed my sci-fi addiction!

  14. alig1020 says:

    I would probably keep most of them, but I would share with my mother and sister as well.

  15. astoriamalfoy says:

    I would totally gift this to myself, but I would also share some of them with a friend. We share some likes.

  16. raynekitten says:

    i would read and share with my friends. That way we could all love them together.

  17. Leanne014 says:

    I’ll be selfish and give them to myself but I’ll lend them out. I might consider giving away Scythe and Zero Repeat Forever because I already read them.

  18. pageswithwings says:

    I don’t have any big reader friends/family who love sci-fo in real life, so I’d have to give it to myslef😂 I feel really bad for saying that 😅

  19. piratesandpixiedust says:

    Oh, I would definitely gift these to myself 😛

  20. I would definitely give this to myself.

  21. Nat says:

    Of course I’d gift this to myself! While I might regift some to friends, I know I’m definitely keeping WANT by Cindy Pon!

  22. oliviad says:

    I met the author of This Mortal Coil at Wordfest and now I am DYING to read it so I would for sure give this gift box to myself lmao. All the books sound amazing, I haven’t read any of them and I would really like to!

  23. abc1111 says:

    I would love this set! I’d keep it!

  24. Booklover13 says:

    This would be a happy Christmas gift to me.

  25. hmcdonald1 says:

    My brother and I both love sci-fi! We would both enjoy these books.

  26. jessicabooks says:

    I already own one of these but the rest I would keep for myself

  27. Sloth says:

    Gift myself and/or friends

  28. I love sci-fi and would love to share these books with my friends! 🙂

  29. KateT16 says:

    I would read it all , but share it with my teen and husband, too!!

  30. LilyOne90 says:

    I’m the reader in my house, I would love to win these books, I’ll also share with my family 😊😊

  31. queenalchemy says:

    I would totally give this to myself! =P

  32. karatheredhead says:

    I would definitely give this to myself, but after reading them I would share them with a friend 🙂

  33. meiyang says:

    I would give them to my book club students but probably start reading them first myself!

  34. scostner1 says:

    I have several nieces that are in college and would love to have these books (if I don’t get greedy and keep them all for myself).

  35. ReesePuffins says:

    I would give this to my cousins ( except for Scythe which I just love)

  36. mchlawlsn says:

    These all look great so I’d gift them to myself 🙂

  37. JoyceLM says:

    Have to gift them to myself. Thanks.

  38. Donna Jacoby says:

    I’m always looking for a good book so I would want to keep these. Once I finish, though, I will share them with my son. Thank you for the givewaway!

  39. julie1212 says:

    I’d gift it to myself! These look awesome.

  40. A.J. says:

    This would be for my grandson.

  41. lightninggoddess19 says:

    I would probably give the diabolic and sythe to a library or something but I would keep the mortal coil for me. I want to read that one so bad!

  42. Stephanie says:

    I’d have to keep them for myself, i’d read them and lend them out to friends to read so we can all talk about them.

  43. Cookie says:

    As tempting as it is to keep them for myself, I really want to give them to my friend! She loves sci-fi novels and it’s been a while since she’s read a really good one, so I’m sure she’d like one of these!

  44. deb89 says:

    This would be perfect. Thanks!

  45. lrk782 says:

    I would give this to my little sister who would be sooooo excited!

  46. I’d give it to myself 😉

  47. Wbloink says:

    Some I would keep and I would give the others to my sister

  48. Atreau says:

    I would give it to myself!

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