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7 Characters We Wish Were Real

September 15, 2017
Sam Benson
Riveted Editorial Board

Have you ever read a book and just wanted to be best friends with the main character? I spend so much time reading that it often feels like characters in books are my best friends. I wish they would just walk off the page! Below are the top six characters that I would love to meet in real life:

1. Alice from the Alice series

The Agony of Alice
I’ve been reading these books since I was little and Alice is one of the characters that means the most to me in the world. The Alice series starts off with Alice in third grade and goes through college and even beyond. I basically grew up with Alice and it feels like she’s a real person.

2. Lara Jean from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series

Lara Jean is someone I would love to hang around with. Her love life amuses me, so I would love to be the friend she tells all of her secrets to.

3. Julian from The Dark Artifices series

good books for teens
Julian has had to make a lot of sacrifices for his family. It’s hard on him, but part of what makes his character so endearing. He loves his family so much and would do anything for them. We would all be lucky to have a brother like him.

4. Tash from Tash Hearts Tolstoy

Tash Hearts Tolstoy
Tash creates a super popular web series based Anna Karenina. How cool is that?! Tash would be great to hang around with because she is so creative and driven.

5. Jamie from Starfish

When Kiko doesn’t get into art school, she decides to go on a road trip with her childhood best friend Jamie. Everyone needs someone like Jamie in their lives who know just what to do when things go south. Things end up turning around for Kiko mostly because she finds her own strength within herself, but it always helps to have a good support system like the one she finds in Jamie.

6. Rishi from When Dimple Met Rishi

Rishi is a hopeless romantic and that is something I absolutely love about him! It’s refreshing to see a character who is not afraid to express himself like Rishi is, and I would love to be his friend.

7. Isobel from An Enchantment of Ravens


Isobel is a woman who knows what she wants and won’t back down. She’s also incredibly clever, since often able to outsmart even the Fae. I bet she would be a fiercely loyal friend. Plus, she could paint awesome portraits of me and teach me how to always be a step ahead of the Fae.

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