Summer of Deception Prize Pack Giveaway

June 21, 2017
The Riveted Team
YA Fiction Is Our Addiction

This week marked the beginning of our Summer of Deception!

We’re featuring six books where all is not as it seems. Our three extended excerpts and three full reads will introduce you to characters who are hiding something, whether that be a deadly secret, their true identity, or their underlying motives. When it comes to these books, only one thing is certain: trust no one, especially not the narrator.

Once you start reading any of these stories, you won’t be able to put them down. Since they’ll only be up for two weeks and not everyone is a speed-reader, we thought it would be cruel to introduce you to such compelling stories and not give you a chance to have them all for keeps. That’s why we’re hosting the Summer of Deception giveaway! Don’t miss your chance to win all 6 of these deliciously deceptive novels.

Enter below for your chance to win!

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER/WIN. Sweepstakes begins 6/21/17 12AM EST and ends 6/28/17 11:59 PM EST. Open to legal residents of any 1 of the 50 US or DC who are at least 13 years old. Void where prohibited by law. Subject to full Official Rules in Terms and Conditions above. Total ARV of all prizes: $92.94. Odds of winning depends on the # of eligible entries received. Sponsor: Simon & Schuster, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10020

66 Responses to Summer of Deception Prize Pack Giveaway

  1. kcmmp13 says:

    I love that you highlight so many books! It’s always fun to see what’s coming out soon and some great classics.

  2. ilovetoreadya says:

    yes some good book to win

  3. Shadowfrost says:

    I would like to get some new books. I got two new books about a week ago and I finished them already. I would really like to read such a good girl. As that sounds so interesting.

  4. santchird says:

    yey, more books!

  5. beejay says:

    I love finding new books and authors! 🙂 These books sound amazing, my favorite kind to read!

  6. lurkykitty says:

    I love learning about new books and authors. I like your deception theme.

  7. Alexa says:

    My favorite aspect is discovering new books related to topics I enjoy reading about.

  8. Lauraj123 says:

    I looove adding tons of new titles to my to read shelf. Just hope I can actually get through all of them one day!

  9. michellerfabian says:

    I love how you to this giveaways, some of us want to buy so many books but other things get in the way!

  10. christinanorman says:

    Awesome! All of these books look great, can’t wait to get more summer reads in!

  11. ladyl3na says:

    The theme this summer is easily my favorite. I could always do with more sci-fi/fantasy books, but that’s just my not-so-inner geek. 😊

  12. 3wonders says:

    Wish I could see more Cassandra Clare

  13. tarragoner says:

    Now THIS is a theme I can really get into! Love all things tricky and sneaky…especially unreliable narrators!

  14. KristyPetree says:

    I love the titles you’ve been featuring this summer. This giveaway looks pretty cool—I like the sneaky ones! I love Riveted just the way it is. Thanks 🙂

  15. mhhess says:

    My library would love these books!

  16. julie1212 says:

    I love reading about new books and the summer giveaways! I’d love to keep seeing fun themed giveaways like this.

  17. Kath says:

    Summer Of The Supernatural is my fave part of Riveted Summer. 🙂 I love seasonal lists of new releases.

  18. OliviaCH says:

    I’m so excited for all these books! I love that riveted has some of them for free online already too! Gives me a headstart for summer reading!

  19. TiffieKittie says:

    All of these books look so amazing! They would make great summer reads!!!

  20. kmriley says:

    I love that Rivited gives me ideas of what to read when I’m in a slump

  21. ReneeHellwig says:

    I would love some new summer reads!! This would be awesome!!!

  22. SandyLS says:

    I love all the books on this website, I love seeing all the great covers and new books to check out. I wish I could see more drawing for books- everyone likes to win books.

  23. 03931f says:

    Pretty cool! Awesome. Good luck everyone!

  24. anicole7 says:

    this would be awesome!!

  25. KateT16 says:

    Love the giveaways!

  26. ahyperbolilife says:

    These are some fantastic books!

  27. Athlen says:

    I love the books you guys recommend and would like to see more quizzes.

  28. cbarnett8722 says:

    These all look so good. You guys are the best for always having such amazing giveaways!

  29. cluckie says:

    I love learning about new books, and really, really love the giveaways!! It’s a great way to add books to my library collection.

  30. rivsocsmith says:

    “Tell us what you love about our Riveted Summer and what you wish you could see on Riveted!” Keep up the great literary work! And I love graphic novelists like Junji Ito and many, many more! I always want to learn about brilliant graphic novels!

  31. JessicaRenae says:

    This looks really fun and cool 😛

  32. lmcref4ever says:

    I love the different categories of Riveted Summer. It lets me see new recs! I would like to see more exclusive insider knowledge about different novels.

  33. dawn2016 says:

    I love how many different books you highlight. SO many new to me authors to enjoy.

  34. Katie says:

    So many of these books are on my wish list! This is such a great giveaway 🙂

  35. angiegeniusgirl says:

    These books remind of the book three truths and a lie. All mysterious and deceiving and you have to pay attention or else you get duped! Can’t wait to read for as long as I can! 😁👍

  36. mermaidmarissa says:

    I love that it gives me chances to read books that I may have not read right away.

  37. I love learning about new books in genres that I most enjoy.

  38. Cookie says:

    I love that you guys have amazing free reads and all these cool new posts!

  39. cyborgcinderella says:

    I love these books! And I think I would want to see more quizzes or games about books.

  40. thisgirl_45 says:

    I love finding new and interesting reads. These all look amazing.

  41. julio.elena25 says:

    Omg! This giveaway is giving me life. I mean I just really want WANT! It’s probably like my most anticipated book!!!!

  42. susanbeamon says:

    Books and more books. I want books and books.

  43. I am always a fan of the books

  44. mirandasummerset says:

    love the books and want to see more summer reading lists!

  45. Sloth says:

    Love the giveaways, would love to see recommended reading lists

  46. alig1020 says:

    I love the books all being around a certain theme. The giveaways are great too.

  47. bagleygirl says:

    Always looking for new authors. Would love the chance to read these.

  48. iamTHEstitch says:


  49. Weeziel40er says:

    Loving the themes and choices you picked for this summer! They’re awesome books!

  50. Lanay says:

    The giveaways and books are amazing.

  51. SarahLamary says:

    The giveaways. I like free stuff.

  52. The Illusionist says:

    This is such a great theme and the covers look AMAZING. Not sure if there’s anything else in particular I’d like to see.

  53. cusic1981 says:

    I love the book recommendations

  54. abc1111 says:

    It’s great that I get good book recommendations from Riveted!

  55. Romarin15 says:

    I love being exposed to new books that I hadn’t heard of before.

  56. tacos_tais says:

    I love all the giveaways…duuhh.

  57. alyssayuri says:

    I’m loving Riveted Summer so far. Especially the new books coming out because I love the new books coming out from Simon Pulse. And I’m learning about new books that I haven’t considered reading. If I want to see anything new in Riveted… Probably interviews with authors with their books coming out. And think that’ll be awesome!

  58. camelle_r says:

    I love everything bout Riveted! It gives me tons of ideas what to read next as well 😍

  59. Hailstormicus says:

    I love that Riveted is just YA fiction — the best there is! It’s cool to be able to focus on what I love.

  60. Tash says:

    I would love to see more chances for more people to be able to win great books! I think the more people that have an actual chance at winning books will encourage them to read more & it helps the authors get more feedback on their books.

  61. rmgm says:

    Love summertime reading!

  62. abrainyoreo says:

    I’d love to see upcoming books by diverse authors and lots of giveaways 🙂

  63. Love the cool giveaways and finding out about new novels to read

  64. coolpandazz says:

    I love that I get to learn about new and interesting books

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