The Ultimate Summer Bookworm Bucket List

June 12, 2017
Julie Jarema
Riveted Editorial Board
  1. Recreate your favorite book cover (and tag us!)
  2. Visit an independent bookstore
  3. Practice bibliomancy with the book nearest to you
  4. Write a short story about summer camp
  5. Create book spine poetry
  6. See how many books you can balance in the book stacking challenge
  7. Compete against your friends in The Unexpected Everything scavenger hunt
  8. Make a Since You’ve Been Gone bucket list for your best friend
  9. Check out the literary places in your state
  10. Take a photo in front of a literary monument
  11. Visit a famous place where fictional characters go in a book
  12. Marathon your favorite literary web series (link)
  13. Or parody
  14. Cook a recipe from a YA novel
  15. Go to the library
  16. Get a library card
  17. Leave a note for someone in a library book
  18. Read a book about a place you’d like to visit
  19. Read a book set in your hometown
  20. Read a book outside
  21. Read in a blanket fort
  22. Read in a tree
  23. Read in a hammock
  24. Read in the pool
  25. Read a graphic novel
  26. Get started on a series
  27. Locate a Little Free Library
  28. Redesign a book cover by doing a coverflip
  29. Concoct a summer drink based on your favorite book
  30. Donate your old books to the library or a school in need
  31. Decorate a wall with your favorite quotes from literature
  32. Finish that summer reading for school
  33. Make some book crafts
  34. Buy a used book
  35. Make some origami out of your least favorite book
  36. Read a book a friend recommended
  37. Dive into one of our featured reads
  38. Read a book and then watch its movie adaptation
  39. Listen to an audiobook on a long road trip
  40. Host a literary party
  41. Or have an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party
  42. Read a scary book aloud around a campfire
  43. Start a book club
  44. Join a book club
  45. Draw some fan art
  46. Swap books with your friend and compare notes
  47. Get a book signed by your favorite author
  48. Go to a book event
  49. Read to a kid or have him/her read to you
  50. Rearrange your bookshelf
  51. Read a play and then go see it
  52. Send a postcard to your old English teacher
  53. Post some #bookstagram pictures
  54. Take a #shelfie
  55. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  56. Join a read along
  57. Get some new literary t-shirts
  58. Or posters
  59. Or make your own
  60. Update your TBR list
  61. Finish reading the books you own in your TBR pile
  62. Make a book wish list
  63. Read to your pet
  64. Make a tiny picture book out of sticky notes
  65. Dress up as a literary character
  66. Prefer not to
  67. Check out a book that teaches you a new skill
  68. See how many books you can read in one day
  69. Finish a book in one sitting
  70. Take a literary vacation
  71. Reread your favorite book from elementary school
  72. Read a book written the year you were born
  73. Send fan mail to your favorite authors
  74. Go on a bookish date
  75. Review a book
  76. Make predictions for the next book in the series you’re waiting on
  77. Read a book with a parent or sibling
  78. Follow your favorite authors on social media
  79. Attend a literary festival
  80. Visit a museum to see an exhibit about an author or character you love
  81. See how long you can go only speaking in book quotes/references
  82. Read a book in a different language
  83. Watch movies based on Shakespeare’s plays
  84. Enter a book giveaway
  85. Write a haiku about a book you just finished
  86. Make a reading playlist
  87. Draw a comic book or zine
  88. Make your own bookmarks
  89. Read an LGBTQIA book in June to celebrate Pride Month
  90. Celebrate National Paperback Day (July 30)
  91. Celebrate Harry Potter Day (July 31st)
  92. Learn some new vocab words
  93. Go on a YA road trip
  94. Act out a scene from a book
  95. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo
  96. Get some new (sun) glasses
  97. Record all the books you read
  98. Start a book blog
  99. Do some yoga to get unhunched from reading
  100. Take a break from reading and enjoy the sun!