Cat’s Book Boyfriend List

February 17, 2017
Catherine Hayden
Riveted Editorial Board

When the battle of the book boyfriends began here at Riveted, everyone pretty much assumed that I wouldn’t partake. It’s true that I don’t like books that are heavy on romance, but I’m only human and even I am not immune to falling in love within the pages of a great book. Of course I’ve picked up book boyfriends along the way. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have the best list of everyone! Help us settle this war once and for all. Take a look at my book boyfriends, then look at Tara’s, Shifa’s, and Janine’s. Take to the comments to let us know who has the best book boyfriends! 

Harry Potter Seriesby J.K. Rowling

Fred Weasley
I love a funny, mischievous guy who would do anything for his family. And don’t try to tell me that Fred and George are the same and I can’t possibly choose one over the other because it’s simply not true!

Remus Lupin
As much as I adored Fred in my youth, when I reread the Harry Potter series as an adult, I can’t help but fall for Lupin’s unfailing kindness and scruffy appearance. Couple that with the fact that I have always strongly identified with Tonks as a character and it just fits.

The Truth of Right Nowby Kara Lee Corthron

Dariomauritius Gray (Dari)
He’s a sweet, handsome artist (swoon!) who can overcome his baggage for you as long as you can overcome your own for him.

The Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins

Gale Hawthorne
Sorry Peeta fans, #TeamGale for life. I love bread as much as the next girl, but I think I’m much more likely to fall for the handsome best friend who’s been by my side all along.

Ella Enchantedby Gail Carson Levine

Prince Charmont
My first book boyfriend from my favorite childhood book. We always have a special place in our hearts for our first loves, right?

A Game of Thronesby George R.R. Martin

Jon Snow
Find me a living, breathing Game of Thrones fan who’s attracted to men who doesn’t have the brooding, tough yet compassionate captain of Castle Black on their list…I’ll wait.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themby J.K. Rowling

Newt Scamander
Ok this one is cheating a bit because this crush didn’t happen until I saw Eddie Redmayne portray the legendary magizoologist on the big screen but can you blame me??

Trouble is a Friend of Mineby Stephanie Tromly

Truthfully, if I knew Digby in real life he would probably drive me crazy. But part of the allure of book boyfriends is they only exist in the fictional world of a book, and there, I found Digby’s quirks to be mysterious and endearing.

A Court of Mist and Furyby Sarah J. Maas

I guess he’s one bbf that we can all agree on. And really, who’s surprised?

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  1. Hailstormicus says:

    YESSS these are all perfect but I would also add Warner from Shatter Me because her and Juliette are my OTP also Patch from Hush Hush and Morpheus from Splintered.

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