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Janine’s Book Boyfriend List

February 16, 2017
Janine Perez
Riveted Editorial Board

I’ve been collecting book boyfriends since I was a wee little one. I mean seriously, my first book boyfriend was Ron Weasley, acquired at the ripe old age of 10. My number of book boyfriends grew as I did and right now my list is ridiculously long. But long story short: I know book boyfriends. I’m basically an expert. That’s why when the Riveted “conversation” about book boyfriends (aka war of the book boyfriends) began, I knew that my book boyfriends would blow everyone else’s out of the water. I’ve been training for this my whole life (Fun fact: in High School my book buddy, Steph, and I used to keep a running list of our book boyfriends and our 2009 list is forever signed into the front page of her yearbook). Read my (shortened) book boyfriend list below, check out Tara’s and Shifa’s Book Boyfriend lists, and then stay tuned for Cat’s list tomorrow!

Help us settle this war once and for all. Let us know in the comments who you think chose the best book boyfriends!

Fadeby Lisa McMann


He’s a handsome, charming, and thoughtful genius. I’d take a snickers bar from him anytime 😉

Evernightby Claudia Gray


He is a sexy vampire hunter. That’s all I needed to know.

The Unexpected Everythingby Morgan Matson


He wormed his way into my heart with his quirkiness, but as a bestselling novelist, he’ll make sure I’m always entertained, and because he’s cute, I’ll always have something great to look at!

Wildwood Dancingby Juliet Marillier


Beautiful? Yes. Intelligent? Yes. Feminist? YES. Sure, he spends most of the book as a talking frog, but that can be overlooked…

A Court of Mist and Furyby Sarah J. Maas


I didn’t know what the perfect man would look like until I met him. swoon

The Diabolicby S. J. Kincaid


There’s something super sexy about a guy who isn’t intimidated by a girl who can literally beat him into a bloody pulp.

Twilightby Stephanie Meyer


I always say time and love are the greatest things anyone can give you. Edward can give me an eternity of love so I’m sold!

Glass Housesby Rachel Caine


He might be a ghost who eventually turns into a vampire, but the important thing is that he’s a genuinely great guy who happens to be a good looking musician with the voice of an angel. How can anyone beat that?

Compulsionby Martina Boone


He always knows what I want, he can drive a boat, and he’s likely the most thoughtful and forgiving human on the planet. Need I say more?

Harry Potter Seriesby J.K. Rowling


I’m always a sucker for the goofy best friend with a heart of gold!

Until Friday Nightby Abbi Glines


He has a fierce love for his family and is blessed with the body of a football player. He’s perfect.

The Problem with Foreverby Jennifer L. Armentrout


He’s a bad boy with a messy past but he’s trying to be a better version of himself. He’s also a very talented artist who’s unapologetically open about his feelings. And did I mention he’s dreamy looking?