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Shifa’s Book Boyfriend List

February 15, 2017
Shifa Kapadwala
Riveted Editorial Board

I take my book boyfriends very seriously. In fact, every once in a while I’ll name one of my book boyfriends my book husband to change things up and show that he is clearly standing apart from the rest (usually this happens when I’m rereading that character’s book because I’m reminded of how much I love him). That’s why when the book boyfriend argument “conversation” started happening at Riveted HQ, I had to get in on it. Sure, everyone is entitled to choose whatever book boyfriends call to them, but if we’re going to start “discussing” who chooses the best book boyfriends, well, obviously the right answer is me.

Now it’s up to you, readers, to settle our War of the Book Boyfriends. Read my book boyfriend list below, check out Tara’s book boyfriend list, and then stay tuned for Cat and Janine’s lists coming later this week! Let us know in the comments who you think chose the best book boyfriends!

Hush, Hushby Becca Fitzpatrick


I’m obsessed with Patch. There’s so much to love! He’s a fallen angel, hot, fiercely protective, and very dangerous. He’s the perfect bad boy, but also caring, and sincere, and willing to do whatever it takes to protect me *ahem* I mean Nora.

Walk the Edgeby Katie McGarry


A hottie with a damaged past who will risk his life for those he loves (and spoiler: you’re one of them!). Razor’s got a rough exterior, but beyond all that, he’s sweet and thoughtful. He’s a must-have boyfriend!

Pushing the Limitsby Katie McGarry


Noah comes from a rough background, but his love for Echo has won me over ten-fold. Once he falls in love, Echo becomes his WORLD. That means when he realizes I’m actually his true love, I’LL be the center of his hot and steamy world. Well, I can dream right?

White Hot Kissby Jennifer L. Armentrout


I couldn’t even pretend to not be attracted to the sizzling Crown Prince of Hell! When it comes to loyalty, Roth is at the tippy top. Move over gargoyles! (If you don’t get the reference, you clearly need to read the book. Like, now.) All in all, he’s royalty, he’s sexy, and he’s perfect. 

The Truth About Foreverby Sarah Dessen


Wes, the first book boyfriend I fell for back in high school. He’s sweet, dedicated, and will do whatever it takes to help his loved ones. What’s not to love?

Blackheartsby Nicole Castroman


Ever wanted your significant other to just know how you’re feeling without telling him and just know when you need him without calling him? THEN YOU’RE BASICALLY ASKING FOR TEACH!

A Court of Mist and Furyby Sarah J. Maas


Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. STEAMY! Hot. OMG Rhysand!! He’s a really hot (did I say that already?) faerie who’s deep love and steamy romance knows no bounds. Want a guy that will go head over heels for you? Rhysand. Someone who will turn the world upside down for you? Rhysand. Someone who will help you bring out the best in yourself? Rhysand!

City of Bonesby Cassandra Clare

Jace Herondale

Kinda fell for Jace the moment he was introduced. I mean, how could I not? He’s good-looking, great at fighting, and funny to boot! Did I mention how good looking he is?

Simon Lewis 
I’m such a sucker for the “I fell in love with my best friend” stories and, well, Simon’s the best friend. He’s cute and quirky and has such a great heart!